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7 Best Hog Skinning Knives in 2021

7 Best Hog Skinning Knives in 2021

It is a fact that every hunter should understand the real value of a good skinning knife while hunting. When you have the best skinning knives for perfectly skinning hogs, you can enjoy a smooth field dressing and gutting experience. 

When it comes to effectively and properly skinning a game, you will need a skinning knife, and to get the best one, you need to consider the blade length, fixed blade or folding blade type, its handle, and more. 

You need to understand that a skinning knife serves a certain purpose of skinning animals, or you can say games. That’s why they often need some unique characteristics to complete the task. 

While this tool can be used for different tasks, the major purpose of the best skinning knife is to properly separate the flesh from the hide. Unfortunately, not all buck knives can be used for this. A good knife can complete the task within a few hours, but a bad one may take the whole day. 

So, how to pick the best skinning knife for the game? Should you go for a folding blade skinning knife or a skinner fixed blade knife? What should be the blade type of good hog skinning knives? Well, to help you out, we have mentioned below the top 7 hog skinning knives that you can use. Have a look. 

Here Are The Best Hog Skinning Knife – Tried & Tested

#1 Dexter Russell Skinning Knives

Dexter Russell Skinning Knives

Every hunter knows that Dexter-Russell is a popular brand that produces superior quality hog skinning knives that come with a secure grip. Well, this 6-inch blade version is something that you should not avoid.

Price: USD 29

Key Specifications: 

It’s a unique honed blade along with a perfect bevel ratio. Besides, its stunning aesthetics will surely impress you. 

Speaking more about this, it comes with a polypropylene-made handle with a unique grooved texture to offer a comfortable grip. No matter whether you are skinning a deer or hog, the knife’s handle will remain stable. On the other hand, its carbon-steel-made blade will offer you a smooth cutting and skinning experience. In addition, the blade has an excellent edge retention quality. 

This is a perfect fixed blade skinning knife for filleting the chicken, seafood and skinning small or large game. 


  • A great level of durability
  • Highly versatile knife
  • Sharp edges that tear the skin firmly
  • Maximum control


  • Some users may find the handle little small

#2 Havalon Piranta-Z Edge Blaze

Havalon Piranta-Z Edge Blaze

This small Piranta Z folding blade comes with 3.4 inches of sharp edge blade made of 60A stainless steel. So, while skinning a hog or deer, there is no need to put extra effort into moving the knife. 

Price: USD 39.99

Key Specifications:

Besides, the knife has a smooth-to-hold and military-grade handle that is made from a quality polymer handle. So, you will not have any type of discomfort while using this to mule deer. The overall length of the knife is 7 inches. The best thing is that it comes with a nylon-made holster. Under USD 40, this knife will be a perfect option for you. 


  • Super comfortable knife with a sharp edge
  • Affordable for all
  • Great grip
  • Folding structure


  • The handle may not last for long

#3 Buck Knives 0103 Skinner

Buck Knives 0103 Skinner

If you are looking for the best hog skinning knife that can make you a serious hunter, buck knives 0103 skinners will be the best option. As a perfect skinning knife, it comes with a fixed blade made of 420HC high carbon steel and is 4-inch long.

Price:  USD 69.99

Key Specifications: 

In addition, the blade demonstrates an excellent level of edge retention and corrosion resistance. 

The Buck skinner is also perfect for your skinning game. It comes with a black leather sheath so that you can easily wear it over your clothing without worrying about any damages. 

The blade hardness level is good, and the unique curved belly is designed to move through the hide comfortably. The handle is a very comfortable hold, and people love its premium aesthetic look. 


  • Very safe to use
  • Sharp and durable blade
  • Secure grip handle
  • Sharpness can last of years 
  • Lightweight knife


  • The blade is very thin. 
  • Very hard to sharpen

#4 Damascus Knife For Skinning

Damascus Knife For Skinning

This handmade Damascus steel blade knife is getting popular among hunters and chefs due to its unique characteristics. This drop point blade knife comes with a sharp cutting edge blade made of 4340 high tensile steel and 1095 high carbon steel. The blade is handmade. 

Price: USD 29.97 

Key Specifications

As one of the best buck knives available in the market, it is quite compact and comfortable to carry. With 10-inch of overall length, the length of its blade is 5 inches. 

Talking about the handle, the company uses Rose Wood for this. On the other hand, it has perfect ergonomic curves to offer a comfortable hold. You can use it for small, large, and medium-sized games. 

Speaking about other knife features, it comes with a high-quality leather sheath to make it safe to carry. So, go on and get this drop point knife now.


  • Really comfortable grip
  • Durable and high-quality cutting edge
  • Easy to use and well-balanced design


  • You may find the blade very short

#5 Mossberg Fixed Blade Knife

Mossberg Fixed Blade Knife

This small pocket knife can be a great option for your small skinning game. However, when it comes to skinning hogs or deers smoothly, this gut hook knife will come into play. Even though the size is small, this skinning knife is sturdy enough to get the job done without taking much time. 

Price: USD 12.99 

Key Specifications: 

The knife comes with a 3.5-inch long stainless steel blade with a sharp edge. As the blade can retain sharpness for a long time, you don’t have to worry about sharpening the blade. In addition, thanks to its unique anti-glare finish, the blade will keep skinning for years. 

Its handle is carefully designed to provide the users with a better grip during the skinning or dressing process. If you want to enjoy a strain-free skinning experience, this high-quality skinning knife will be the best option for you. 

On the other hand, the company has come up with a practical and innovative aesthetic that makes this drop point blade knife look luxurious. Its powerful and grooved design has impressed all the buyers. 


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Razor-sharp steel blade
  • Stunning aesthetics
  • You will get a safe sheath with this knife


  • It comes with a thin blade
  • Smaller for some hunters

#6 Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Fibrox Pro

This is another best skinning knife that every hunter should carry. The ergonomically designed skinning knife is created by Victorinox, a well-known fixed blades as well as folding blades knife manufacturer. 

Price: USD 19.84

Key Specifications

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hog or deer skinning knife, then for this one. With its razor-sharp edge 6-inch long blade, it can smoothly pierce through the meat. Besides, you don’t have to put much effort while cutting bones and tendons. 

This pocket knife is also authorized by the NSF- National Sanitation Foundation and is very durable. This small buck knife comes with the Fibrox Pro handle that is made from thermoplastic elastomers. With optimal grip, you can comfortably finish your skinning tasks. 


  • Practical and curved blade design with a narrow tip
  • Perfect for deboning
  • The product fulfills all the chef standards
  • Light-weight


  • No leather sheath
  • Some users may find the handle a little narrower

#7 Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger 

Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger

When looking for a proper skinning knife, you can’t ignore this knife from the brand Old Timer. This fixed tang knife looks super sturdy and practical and is all set to offer a unique skinning process. 

Price: USD 18.84

Key Specifications

Let’s have a look at other knife features. The stainless steel blade length is 3.3 inches and is very sharp. Besides, it has a good edge retention quality. On the other hand, it comes with a well-designed sawcut Delrin handle to produce a maximum level of comfort while using it. 

Whether you are a homeowner, rancher, hunter, or chef, this Old Timer knife is something that you can trust. 


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable structure
  • Light-weight and portable


  • No rubber grip protects 
  • No gut hook
  • Not suitable for skinning large animals

What Is A Skinning Knife And How Does It Work?

The skinner knives, also called buck knives are professional tools designed for the skinners. In general, the best skinning knife has a short and wide blade to make the skinning process smooth. The edges of steel blades are very strong. These are not just a knife, and sometimes, you can use buck knives as a hunting tool. 

 Well, you can use any normal knives with a stainless steel blade for skinning. But, as a professional in the field and kitchen, you will need a skinner knife that is specifically designed for skinning. 

 Using a well-designed skinner knife, you can easily separate the flesh from the animal’s skin without triggering any damage to the meat.  Some skinning knives may come with a modified clip point blade, and some may carry curved blades. So, choosing a high-quality skinning knife is important to enjoy the maximum benefits. 

How Big Should A Skinning Knife Be?

As per the experts, while buying a skinner knife, you need to carefully consider the knife features. One of the most important features is the length of the knife.  Well, to enjoy a smooth operation, a knife that is around 10-inch long will be an ideal option. This is ideal for bigger games. 

Buying Guide

If you are looking for a tool for skinning the animal, then you will need something very lightweight. Some people think a heavy knife will make the task easier because you will tire very soon, and such knives are very hard to use. So, while buying the best buck knives for skinning, you need to ensure that the tools have all the features to offer you a great skinning experience. 

Besides, you need to ensure that the blade steel is sharp enough to cut through thicker meat. On the other hand, you can also go for a gut hook knife for the desired results as such a knife comes with a good insulation level. Besides, don’t forget to check if the knives have a pocket clip. Some users prefer to go for a folding skinning knife to carry it easily in their pockets, and some buy fixed or straight blades knives.  

However, the best skinning knives that will match your unique requirements will depend on what purpose you will utilize them. For example, you can use a deer skinning knife for dressing a hob. However, if you are still feeling confused, then have a look at the below-mentioned section to explore some useful tips on buying good-quality hog skinning or buck knives. 

How To Choose The Best Hog Skinning Knife? 

Blade Design

You may have a good skinning knife, but if the blade shape is not perfect, it can affect your skinning efficiency and speed. So, while buying a skinner knife, check the curve in the blade. The experts suggest you go for a knife with a trailing or drop point and a perfect belly. Remember that it is the curve on the skinner knife blade that allows the users for seamless skinning. 

Type of Game

The type of game means whether you want a knife for skinning a deer, hog, or rabbit. While getting the buck knives, you should understand how you will use the knife. Besides, you should know about the type of game you plan for skinning. It is crucial to be realistic. Check your requirements and choose the right one. For example, for skinning deers, you will need a knife with a long blade, but for skinning hogs, a 3 to 4-inch long blade will be enough. 


If you buy a knife for skinning just by considering the name, then your skinning process will get bloody, and you will face a waste of meat. You will not want to face a situation where your slippery skinning or dressing knife slides out of your hand. 

 So, it is advisable to choose a product that has texture. For example, a knife with synthetic materials along with texture can be a good choice. But you can also go for wood or bone handles. You can use a fixed or folding skinning knife, but if the handle is very small or large, your skinning process will be time-consuming. So, keep this thing in your mind. 

Blade Length

Don’t just consider the style of the blade; you also need to consider the length of the blade. Make sure that that perfectly matches your unique requirements, and the knife firmly cuts through the meat. It is advisable not to use one knife for small and big games as it will not work properly as the blades come in different sizes. For example, knives that are three to four inches long can be used for skinning and dressing small animals, squirrels, rabbits, hogs, and more.  But you can’t use the same knife for larger games or animals, for example, deer. In general, for bigger games, the length of the blade should be around five to seven inches. 


Another major consideration should be the steel composition that will greatly influence the sharpness of the knife. Besides, it will also decide how easily you can sharpen the blades. As per the experts, skinning knives with high-carbon steel-made blades are very sharp, and they can stay sharp for years compared to the softer steel. However, this blade style can be very challenging to sharpen. If you don’t want to spend your time sharpening the blades, you can go for a fixed or folding skinning knife with replaceable blades. 


A good knife needs to be durable enough to keep skinning perfectly for years. Well, it is impossible. No matter how expensive the blade is, one day, it will lose its sharpness. On the other hand, a perfect knife for skinning can conduct the tasks without failing. For example, if the blade is made of stainless steel, it will stay sharp for a long time. Its sharpness will not fade away even if you are using it again and again. So, check the durability of the blade to save your money as well as time.

Fixed Blade Or Folding Blade?

If you are looking for a knife for occasional slicing or skinning, then going for a folding blade will be the right option for you. You will enjoy a great level of versatility and portability. However, if you are a professional skinner and skinning many hogs every day, buy a fixed blade knife for the best results. Why? Such knives are very easy to clean, and the blades are also very durable. 

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When you have the best knives, you can easily remove the hide from the small game and big game animals. Besides, they can easily handle different camp chores, from hunting to cutting steak. Just make sure that the knife has perfect sharpness and the handle is comfortable enough to hold for hours. Besides, don’t forget to consider the tips mentioned above to find the best knife for skinning. Also, you can go for the listed knives that are quite popular in the market and come under your budget.


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