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7 Best Chef’s Knives Under 50 in 2021

7 Best Chef’s Knives Under 50 in 2021

A chef knife is a must-have. It is an all-rounder, can help you chop, dice, slice, and even smash. Moreover, a chef knife can take care of almost every kitchen requirement. Knowing how beneficial a chef knife can be, it becomes prudent for you to know how to choose the best chef’s knife. 

I know that a chef’s knife can cost you a dime a dozen, which is why I bring to you my handpicked and the best chef knives that you can think of buying. But you might want to know why you should follow my recommendation? 

Well, I may not be a knife connoisseur, but I surely am a knife enthusiast. I had my fair share of struggles before picking the right kind of chef’s knives, and I want others to learn from my experience. 

So, if you are looking for the best check knife, you have come to the right place. One of the most recommended chef’s knives is Mercer Culinary M22612 Millennia 12-Inch Chef Knife. But wait till you learn about others. 

And don’t worry, all the chef knives that I will recommend will be under $50! So, keep reading to know about the top and the best chef’s knife under 50. 

Here Are the Best Chef’s Knife Under 50- Tried and Tested

#1: Mercer Culinary M22612 Millennia 12-Inch Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary M22612 Millennia 12-Inch Chef’s Knife

When it comes to the top chef knife under 50, I will recommend Mercer Culinary M22612. The knife blade is made of original and very high-quality Japanese steel, making it one of the best Japanese knives. This lets the blade maintain its sharpness for a long and the excellent quality carbon steel blade material will surely impress you. 

The handle is available in black and lets you hold it comfortably. The beautifully textured finger points don’t let your fingers slip while using the chef knife. Be careful about the razor edge, though. If a budget and best chef knife is all you are looking for, get the M22612 knife by Mercer. I recommend the 12-inch chef knife, but you can go for the 7.5-inch one, which will cost you $21.79. The series of Mercer knives are a value for money deal. 



Key Specifications 

It is available in two sizes- 12-inch and 7.5-inch. The blade material is made of high-carbon steel. It has an ergonomic handle made of polypropylene and Santoprene for better durability. The textured finger points offer better safety and make it a slip-resistant—Japanese steel blade for long life.


  • Easy to hold and has a finger guard. This knife is very sharp. It is budget-friendly and looks beautiful. 


  • People with small hands may not find this chef knife comfortable. Therefore, you need to be cautious while using a sharp blade.

#2: Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series 

Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series

The Zelite Infinity Comfort-Pro Series is a good chef’s knife. It features a high-quality stainless steel blade and another good chef’s knife under 50 to buy. This 8-inch chef knife comes with a thin blade.

The fantastic German stainless steel is specifically used for better durability. As a result, the sharp blade is both strong and durable. So, this is the perfect knife to have, whether you need a chopping vegetable knife or a knife that will let you make fine cuts to raw meat. The handle is made of thermoplastic, and the blade offers a decent width. It is one of the best-forged knives that you can have as a kitchen knife. 



Key Specifications 

Razor-sharp blades let you cut different food items easily. It allows you to cut, dice, slice, and mince fruits, meats, veggies, and more. The blade is made of high-quality German steel. It is stain, corrosion, and rust-resistant. In addition, it features a forged, rounded, and ergonomic handle. 


  •  The material used is great and is comfortable to hold—an affordable knife with a sharp blade edge. 


  • Some may find the width a bit narrow. 

#3: KBK Chef Knife 8-Inch

KBK Chef Knife 8-Inch

Here comes a high carbon steel knife with a full tang blade. My third recommendation is KBK Chef Knife 8-Inch. This one will impress you with its sleek design.

It falls under the category of good-quality knives. One of its best knives features is that the blade is Japanese VG10 high carbon stainless steel. It is made to provide you with an excellent cutting experience. This best chef knife under 50 is rugged, anti-corrosion, and pliable. 

The unique handle groove allows you to hold it comfortably, and the traditional bolster design ensures that your fingers stay safe while using it. The taper-ground edge lets you chop anything you want. Now, prepare a delicious home cook with the best chef knife. It feels like handling a triple-riveted handle.



Key Specifications 

It is resistant to rust and provides you with a comfortable grip. The blade makes sure that even a beginner can use the knife easily. The blade is made of Japanese VG10 high carbon stainless steel. This knife will let you cut different food items, such as fruits, chopping vegetables, fish, and meat. 


  • It has a good rating on the Rockwell hardness scale and is available at a reasonable price. In addition, it offers a razor-sharp edge and an ergonomic handle. 


  • A good knife but could be too sharp. Handle carefully. 

#4: Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Chef's Knife

When we talk about the best chef’s knives, you can’t miss out on a couple of Mercer knives because this brand is the first choice of any professional chef. You can use it on a cutting board conveniently. In addition, the knife makers are known for designing quality blade knives. 

This Forged Chef’s Knife is better than any average stamped knife. The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel. It keeps discoloration, corrosion, and rust at bay. It’s a good budget chef knife to buy. 

This chef’s knife will surely be a delight if you look for a robust German stainless steel blade. Moreover, it’s a chef knife under 50. This chef knife can be used to cut different types of food items. This is one of the best German knives because it is small in size, so you can place it on top of the countertop without consuming a lot of space. 



Key Specifications

The blade is made of Santoprene and high carbon forged steel. It features a taper-ground, which adds much-needed stability. It has a 6-inch blade. It is resistant to food oils and temperature, and the knife features a good design. 


  • It is corrosion-resistant, temperature resistant, and durable and is a good chef knife under 50. One of the best-forged knives. It is long-lasting, razor-sharp blade, and well-balanced.


  • The knife is small, which could be an inconvenience for someone with a large hand. In addition, some users have complained that the blade needs reshaping quickly.  

#5: The Imarku Chef Knife

The Imarku Chef Knife

The best chef knives must have the correct sharpness, easy to hold, and make you feel comfortable while using them. The Imarku Chef Knife is a professional chef knife.

It is better than a stamped knife and designed to last long. If you prefer high-quality and cheap knives, you will find The Imarku Chef Knife a good investment. 

The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel. The steel consists of 0.6 to 0.75 carbon. As a result, it doesn’t fall under expensive knives. When it comes to its sturdiness, it can easily outstand others. It is two times stronger than your standard chef knives. The ergonomic handle gives it a professional look, and the material used in the handle allows you to hold it comfortably. 



Key Specifications 

It features a high-carbon stainless steel blade, which is made for better durability. It lets you cut, chop, slice, dice, and more. It comes with an easy-to-use handle and minimizes finger fatigue. The edges are ultra-sharp and allow you to have the best cutting experience, and the stainless and corrosion-resistant blade has a glossy finish. 


  • The full tang knife and razor-sharp blade can cut anything and everything. It looks attractive and elegant. It is one of the best all-purpose knives and an excellent budget chef knife.


  • Users have complained that it can’t cut or slice frozen food efficiently. Extremely sharp, you need to be alert all the time.  

#6: Victorinox Rosewood Best Chef Knife

Victorinox Rosewood Best Chef Knife

Victorinox Rosewood Chef’s Knife is from Switzerland. They are the same knife-making company that made Swiss army knives back in 1884. And this should tell you that they have a pretty good reputation. It is from the Victorinox fibrox range but won’t cost you as high as other knives.

This is an 8-inch knife with a rosewood handle. The thin blade makes cutting different food items effortless. 

This Victorinox fibrox chef knife under 50 is an ideal choice for those who want the best performance from their chef knife. Being one of the best knives, it will last longer. It may not be the best looking in terms of aesthetics, but it is better than other chef knives. Stamped steel has been used to make the blade.



Key Specifications 

It boasts a classic and straightforward design and cuts multiple food items efficiently. The blade is razor-tested and extremely sharp. The company is Switzerland based and makes Swiss army knives. And the handle is made of rosewood and is easy to handle. It features an 8-inch blade. 


  • It is incredibly lightweight, good for multi-purpose and edge retention, and used by professional chefs and home chefs.


  • Some may not like the stamped steel blade, and it In addition, it could be a little bit expensive for a few. 

#7: Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-Inch Chef’s Knife

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-Inch Chef's Knife

The last hand-picked knife you can go for is Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 7-Inch Chef’s Knife. It features a ceramic blade and is produced in Japan. The blade will last 10x longer than other steel blades.

This chef knife under 50 is available in multiple sizes, but you should pick 7-inch, the professional size. It may look heavy, but it is incredibly lightweight. In addition, it resists acid, is rust-proof and is ideal for cutting boneless meat, fruits, and vegetables. 



Key Specifications 

It boasts a ceramic blade made of Kyocera’s proprietary zirconia material; the blades are extremely sharp and last long. It is lightweight and cuts boneless meat, fruits, and vegetables easily. It stays well-balanced while holding it and feels comfortable. 


  • It is lightweight, and you can put it in the dishwasher. The ergonomic design reduces fatigue. It feels light and features good craftsmanship.


  • It is prone to breaking and chipping, and the biggest drawback is you can’t use it to cut frozen bones and meat.

Parts of a Chef’s Knife

Parts of a Chef's Knife
Image: Source

A professional chef’s knife is not just a knife; it’s a treasure to cherish. Only a knife allows the professionals and the home chefs to cut whatever food products they need to prepare a delicious meal. A knife has many parts, and together they run the entire knife. 


The point is the edge of the knife. It is where the spine and the cutting edge meet. Now, not every knife will have a point, though. Some will have a round edge, while others will be flat. But one with a tip is called the point. It helps in getting and scoring into areas that are hard to reach. 


The tip can be pointed, flat, or curved. The tip is used while cutting delicate food so that the user won’t break it apart. Some chefs also use this part to chop and mince. 

Cutting Edge:

This is pretty much self-explanatory. This is the most used part of a knife and has to be sharp to slice, chop, and cut different food items. 

Spine or Back:

The opposite of the cutting edge is the back or spine. This area is flat and thick. The spine or back area lets you put pressure on the knife whenever you need to. For example, chefs use this area to scrape food items from the chopping board.


Just past the cutting edge, and before arriving at the bolster, you have the belly area. One will use this area for heavy chopping and cutting. Look for a more significant belly area because that lets you rock comfortably, enabling smooth chopping and cutting motions. 


Pretty close to the handle area, you have the shoulder part. It will be pretty broad. This part protects the blade from the food items sliding back. 


The area where the handle of the knife meets is called a bolster. Bolster keeps it durable and robust. Bolster has another purpose of solving as well: to prevent hands from slipping forward to avoid injuries. 


If you take a look at the handle of the knife, you will see two metal rods. These two are known as rivets. You may see rivets in some knives, but not on everyone. 


This is the part that you will hold on to while cutting, chopping, or slicing. In some knives, scales are made of wood, while in others, makers use composite materials. 


The butt is also called the pommel. This is the part that remains closest to you when you use it. Butt is the guide for your fingers to rest. 

Caring for Your Stainless Steel Blade Chef’s Knife On a Budget

Caring for Your Stainless Steel Blade Chef's Knife On a Budge
Image: Source

Once you get the best chef knives, don’t keep them just like that. You have to show some love and care towards it to make it last longer. To cut it short, you need to take care of it. 

#1 Don’t Drop it in the Dishwasher:

Even if the maker of the knives says that it is dishwasher safe, you never know what is happening to it once you close the dishwasher doors. Moreover, how well do you know the detergents? The chemicals in the detergent may react with the blade. 

#2 Clean it Right After Using it:

Once you are done using it, you must wash it right away. To wash, you can either use hot water or hot water and soap. Both will work. After cleaning the kitchen knife, ensure to dry it to avoid rusting. 

#3 Do Not Soak the Knife:

Even if some grime is stuck on the knife, don’t soak it into water. You must wash it immediately. If you soak it into the water for a long time, the handle, in particular, will become prone to damage. 

#4 Always Use a Cutting/Chopping Board:

To keep the blades sharp for a long time, make it a habit to use a cutting/chopping board. Chopping/cutting boards are readily available. And avoid using the countertops as your chopping area. 

#5 Store it in a Safe Place:

No matter where you keep the knife, it should be stored securely and must not come in contact with anything that you don’t want to. Ensure that it is kept away from children. Also, before storing, let it dry completely. 

Buying Guide

Buying Guide Chef's Knives Under 50
Image: Source

Whether it is your first time buying a chef knife or reading this because you are not satisfied with all your past purchases, what matters the most is having a perfect chef knife that will make cutting, mincing, chopping, and slicing easy breezy. It has to be of good quality even though it is affordable because, ultimately, it’s an investment. From the material to the ease of cleaning, you need to take care of multiple things. 

How To Pick The Best Knife Under 50?

How To Pick The Best Knife Under 50
Image: Source


The material of the kitchen knife is an essential part to look at. Good chef knives are usually made of carbon-free steel alloy. The carbon concentration will be higher than stainless steel. Pick a material that will be resistant to rust and corrosion because only then will it last long. 

Stainless Steel Blade:

Before buying, you can consider learning about its Rockwell rating. This rating is a useful feature. For example, if the blade stands at a 56-58 rating, it means that the blade is excellent. You can learn about the rating from the seller. In some cases, the manufacturer’s website will have this information mentioned; hence, check the website thoroughly. 

Ease of Cleaning:

Although every knife is designed and manufactured, keeping in mind ease-of-use, buy one that you can easily clean. This means that the design should be such that you can hold it comfortably while cleaning it. 


Other than the blade’s material, think about the handle’s material as well. The handle must be durable and comfortable to hold. The handle shouldn’t be slippery because if it is, you will struggle while chopping, slicing, and cutting, and you will put your fingers in danger. Wooden handles, thus, become a choice. 

Range of Use:

It is better to pick a universal knife. Meaning you can use it for multi-purpose. Whether you want to mince meat, chop vegetables, cut frozen food items, slice delicate meat and fish, it should let you do that. Just pick a right that will allow you to cut many food items. 


Since you will be putting in your hard-earned money, you can look for a knife that comes with a warranty. Good companies always put in extra effort to keep their customers satisfied. So, choose a good and reliable company. 


Now you know everything about chef knives, how to buy them, and which ones to go for. Although all the knives are great, my personal choice is M22612 Millennia 12-Inch Chef’s Knife. This is one of the best kitchen knives. The reason, it is affordable, looks exceptional, has impressive reviews and a good rating on Amazon, and is trusted by many professional chefs and home chefs.

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