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Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275 Knife Review

Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275 Knife Review

Benchmade’s (Sibert) Adamas knife is one of the top quality survival knives made in the US. It appears and feels much like a combat knife but the Adamas isn’t classified as military. Nevertheless, the feel, the sturdiness, and the quality give more value to its average price of $150. This Benchmade Adamas knives review will talk about the Benchmade company, features and benefits of the knife, as well as its user reviews.

Manufacturer and Designer of Adamas Sibert

Adamas 275 Drop Point Blade Knife

The Benchmade Adamas Sibert is named after its designer, Shane Sibert, who designed it in honor of the patriotism of American soldiers. The manufacturing company Benchmade is a well-known knife company. Their work began with manufacturing Bali-Song knives in the late 80s and eventually spanned into a wide array of survival knives. Over the years, Benchmade has proven its brand’s quality to consumers and stayed true to its undying motto that many agree on: It’s not just a knife. It’s Benchmade.

Adamas Sibert Feature and Dimension: Pros and Cons

The Adamas Sibert 275 is a pretty big folding knife and feels understandably aggressive. It is 8.7 inches in length and reduces into a 5-inch handle when folded. Even so, it falls under the Heavy Duty category, more popular to others as the Black Class. It weighs almost 8 ounces, and the handle is made of machined G10 aluminum. The handle color is sand and blends well with the black coat of the blade.

  • The handle is a beauty in itself; it has an AXIS locking mechanism and ambidextrous thumb studs. Almost any person can easily establish a good grip on this knife and keep it even during action despite its apparent heaviness. It is easily noticeable, though, that Sibert had made the handle with three large holes in it.
  • The design isn’t applied purely for the purpose of physical appeal. In fact, its intention is to reduce the knife’s overall weight, and it does so successfully. The handle is barely an inch thick and houses the D2 tool steel blade comfortably.
  • For convenience, the pocket clip is tip-up and reversible, again making it flexible for all types of users. Both left-handed and right-handed people can easily handle this quality knife with ease.
  • The overall blade length is at 3.82 inches and only 0.16 in thickness. However, its hardness is at 60-62 HTC which makes it surprisingly sturdy despite how thin it is. The combination of the length, thickness, and hardness makes an almost perfect feel for carving and cutting through rather rigid materials.
  • The tip is drop point, so it’s the type of knife one can definitely use for self-defense. One can easily unfold the knife with one hand, thanks to the AXIS locking mechanism, but Benchmade added an accessory to the product for additional safety.
  • The Adamas Sibert 275 comes with a MOLLE pocket clip pouch. It is moderately light and made of nylon and is recommended to be used to prevent accidentally opening the blade.

User Ratings and Reviews

The Adamas rates pretty high on consumer reviews. Several online reviews put a lot of value in it for its great price and sturdiness. It appears very reliable for most users on quick deployment and has great physical appeal. On average, the knife costs between $160 and $180 which many people seem to like. Most tactical knives cost just as much but with no ambidextrous features. If there is any disadvantage about the Benchmade Adamas Sibert, it is that it feels a bit too heavy for some. Even with the good grip provided by the handle, the overall weight could cause a fumble in certain situations.


Overall, this knife rates high at 9/10. Its value rates at 9/10. Its performance is above average and rates at around 9.3/10 and overall quality at 9/10. It is almost the perfect combat or tactical knife but could probably rate higher or perfectly with some weight shaved off.



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