LC200N Steel Knife Review – Best Steel to Look For

LC200N Steel Knife Review

It’s rightly said that LC200N is a breakthrough in knife steel as it shatters all rules about attribute tradeoffs. Other than film build-up and fingerprinting, this super-sturdy steel does not compromise on any other attribute as such. Furthermore, it is resistant to chipping, fairly priced, can hold its edge well, and is great for humid … Read more

K390 Steel Review: Is it Good for Knives?

K390 Steel Review

K390 is a high-end premium high-alloy steel with extremely high performance. This cold work steel has high hardness and is a popular reliable choice. The K390 is also used as a Police weapon in the United States. Let’s find out how K390 is made, its chemical composition, and how it compares to other competitive steels … Read more

AEB-L Stainless Steel: Is it Good for Knives?

AEB-L Stainless Steel

AEB-L is an old stainless steel that old-timer knife enthusiasts have heard of for years. It’s one of the go-to options for a budget knife that’s corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant with decent hardness and toughness. It’s always a risk to opt for new knife steel since you may not know about its performance in the long run, … Read more

CTS 204p Stainless Steel: Is It Good for Knives?

CTS 204p Stainless Steel

CTS 204p is one of the best steels in the market for premium high-end knives. It’s earned itself the reputation as a premium knife steel thanks to its incredible wear resistance. CTS 204p steel also has exceptional corrosion resistance as well as a number of other properties.  In this article, we’re going to dive deep … Read more

5cr15MoV Steel Review: Is it Good for Stainless Steel Knives?

5cr15MoV Steel Review

5cr15MoV is in the MoV or Cr series of Chinese manufactured stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel falls in midrange to high-range quality and is quite durable. In terms of price, you won’t find any other stainless steel at such an affordable price with competitive quality. This makes 5cr15MoV quite a versatile knife steel … Read more