Types of Combat Knives and Other Tactical Knives

There was a time when tactical combat knives were used exclusively by military servicemen, but those days are long gone. Now, collectors, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts, and even the general public have access to different types of combat knives. What’s more, this combat weapon has evolved over the years and is no longer just valuable … Read more

Best Mora Knives For All Occasions

Best mora knives

Morakniv is quite renowned for its persistent tradition of making durable and brilliant knives. The brand has been creating razor-sharp and durable blades for the entire globe for nearly 400 years. Morakniv began its journey in 1891, at the exact time Frost-Erik Erson decided to come back to his village in Mora after spending almost … Read more

Elmax Stainless Steel – Best Usage & Composition

Elmax Stainless Steel

You’ve likely come across Elmax steel at least once when shopping for knives. That’s partly because it has the sort of name that sticks in the head, and mostly since it’s a great stainless steel for knives.  Elmax steel is a premium steel with great corrosion resistance and other properties. In this article, we’re going … Read more