M4 Stainless Steel Review: Is it Good for Knives?

M4 Stainless Steel Review

CPM M4 steel, or just M4 steel is a steel that is recently catching on in popularity. This high-alloy steel is quickly gaining traction because of how versatile it is. Many call M4 a high-speed steel. M4 is high-alloy steel as well, fortified with high amounts of vanadium and molybdenum.  In this article, we’ll get … Read more

5cr15MoV Steel Review: Is it Good for Stainless Steel Knives?

5cr15MoV Steel Review

5cr15MoV is in the MoV or Cr series of Chinese manufactured stainless steel. This grade of stainless steel falls in midrange to high-range quality and is quite durable. In terms of price, you won’t find any other stainless steel at such an affordable price with competitive quality. This makes 5cr15MoV quite a versatile knife steel … Read more

Should I Choose 3cr13 Steel Over Others For Knife

3cr13 Steel Review

If you’ve been on the lookout for a durable and high-quality knife, you’ll likely come across 3cr13 steel knives. 3cr13 steel is so commonly used because it’s perfect for various applications. But you don’t just want a ‘good’ knife, you want the perfect blend of toughness, hardness, and other features that will serve multi-purposes and … Read more

What Makes CPM S110V Steel Corrosion Free & Wear Resistance?

CPM S110V Steel Review

CPM S110V Steel is a premium high-alloy steel with extremely high performance. This martensitic tool steel is known for having great wear resistance and exceptional corrosion resistance. The ‘CPM’ stands for Crucible Particle Metallurgy which refers to the process under which this steel is manufactured. The CPM S110V was initially used for injection molding in … Read more

How 9cr18mov Steel Worthy? Review in Great Detail

9cr18mov Steel Review

9cr18mov is another steel from the ‘Cr’ or ‘MoV’ range that is steadily gaining popularity. You’ll have noticed a lot of great mid-range quality knives being made from this steel. If you’re curious to know more about 9cr18mov, Read the complete guide on 9cr18mov steel review.  In this article, we’ll dissect everything there is to … Read more

8Cr13MoV Steel Review: Is it Good for Knives?

8CR13MOV Steel Review

8cr13Mov is part of the Chinese steel series ‘Cr’ or ‘MoV’. These steels have recently gained popularity since they’re affordable, corrosion-resistant, and reasonably durable. Steel knives made from 8cr13Mov are impressive for the price point, while also being a great ‘starter’ knife for a budding knife enthusiast.  8cr13Mov is also a very versatile knife that … Read more

Is Maxamet Steel Good For Knives?

Maxamet Steel

Maxamet steel is one of the most popular options for steel while choosing a knife for yourself. It has brilliant edge retention, it’s great against corrosion, and lots of other benefits too. Let’s take a deep dive into what exactly Maxamet steel is, what it’s made out of, how it compares against other steels in … Read more