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Cru-Wear Steel : What is it?

 Introduction In the world of knife steel, there is a multitude of opinions on just about every aspect of each metal. Some claim one is easier to sharpen in the field, another says one keeps an edge better, while another swears by the toughness. For everyone to agree on one certain steel is very rare, even more so when talking …

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Knife Making Equipment Guide

Making a knife requires a design, proper materials, and proper equipment. The right tools will contribute to creating a durable blade and handle. The blade is made from steel by a heating process, grinding and cooling. It can be made at home or small warehouse with heavy or homemade equipment. The machinery needed for more finely detailed knife blades are …

Knife Making Tools

Creating knives requires special equipment, depending on the type of knife that will be made. Typically, the tools used are grouped into different categories, depending on how they will be used.