S30v Steel Review

S30v steel is the latest innovation in recent years. This steel is being used to make pocket knives and the blades of steel knives in general. It also is used to make certain steel tools. Many of the steel tools made in America are made of this steel. It is arguably the strongest steel available. You will be pleased with the results you will find with your pocket knife made out of s30v steel.

S30V Info

Great strides have been made in recent years to make the hardest steel possible for knives. S30V steel is one of the advances made in recent years.  Any blade made from S30V steel will be erosion-resistant and very effective. It is an alloy (basically a combination of metals to increase integrity) which is adapted toward specific abilities/uses and it is manufactured to guarantee clean consistent steel. Different from traditionally revolved steels, S30v is made using powder metallurgy. This is a process that reduces melted alloy constituents to powder. This affects every grain including the exact creation of blend elements. The powder is compacted under weighty force to a homogenous hard state that is rolled to the necessary stock size. (Best throwing knives for beginners).

The Steel Industryspyderco knife

Recently, the advances in specialty steels have been very small and every advance is more of a fine-tuning nature than a big jump of nature. It is best for folding knives. These knives are of the highest quality and integrity. There are many uses for a knife made from S30V steel. It is hard steel that makes for a very solid knife. (Balisong trainers for amateurs).

Other tools can be made from this steel as well. They are filled with just as much integrity as the knives. These tools can be used for the toughest of jobs because the steel will not bend. It will help you to use your tools with confidence. S30V steel is a kind of steel that is used to create folding knives and various tools. It has special integrity. (Best tactical tomahawks).

S30V Properties

It is corrosion resistant and wear-resistant. The chemistry of the steel is made to endorse the formation of vanadium carbides. These are harder and more effective than chromium carbides when providing wear resistance. It is equal or tougher than steels like 440C or D2. These forms of steel have been used in the same capacity in the past. It is a homogenous high-quality steel described by superior dimensional stability. Knife makers have made S30V steel one of the most used premium steels on the market for blades. One of the big reasons is that S30V is a martenistic steel which just means that carbon has been added, which gives the steel the ability to be hardened with a heat treatment.

Best Knife made from S30V Steel

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is an iconic knife from an iconic brand (no, that’s not too big an accolade) and it’s crafted from S30V steel.  It is arguably the most popular EDC and overall useful knife on the market today.  Not only do we own the Paramilitary, but we just purchased another one last week for our collection!


You will be pleased with the effectiveness of the steel in your new knife or tool. The strength cannot be matched as compared to other leading steels. It is a very high-quality steel that will give you the integrity that you have come to expect from American made products. When you use a knife made out of S30V steel you will feel the strength. It is sturdy new steel that is poised to take over the market in the upcoming years. You will be pleased with the ability to cut through anything with your new knife. The folding knives are of the highest quality. If you need a new folding knife, consider one made of s30v steel to impress you and meet your needs. The knife you will purchase will fulfill all of your needs.


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9 thoughts on “S30v Steel Review”

  1. CPM-S30V is the most over represented premium stainless and probably at the bottom of the list of high-end steels in my opinion.It’s not an industrial grade of steel like BG-42 or ATS-34.It’s brittle and chips easily.You won’t experience this defect skinning a rabbit or slicing cardboard…you’ll notice it cutting materials with tension on the edge or on a hard use bushcraft blade.It’s just such a touchy steel it feels like you’re working with a Zirconium Oxide (ceramic) blade.CPM-S30V does stay sharp a little bit longer than ATS-34 and BG-42 as super steels from the late 90’s/early 2000’s era.But such a small gap in edge life versus such a big loss in toughness comparison to the industrial steels.CPM-S30V is clearly not a steel that’s a smart choice to spread out throughout every kind of knife out there.

  2. I have a ST 0301 that has S30v steel blade. It is the toughest knife I own besides the Cold Steel tanto made with
    CARBON V steel . The older model cold steel recon tanto. I own many folders, fixed blade, bowties, and axes. I also have an impressive collection of specialty knives dating back to the early 1800’s. My ST is one of my ETC knives and I feel naked without it. It has held a superior edge and I’ve invested a lot in sharpening products. The key is to touch up the edge after any hard use. A sharp blade is a safe blade.

  3. i bought a buck knife made from 420 hc and it is worthless but i also bought one of their alpha dorado folders in s30v with a gut hook and it is fabulous for skinning pigs

  4. I can attest to the strength of s30v. Bought me a Buck 110 Auto Elite and that blade is impressive, to say the least. Still has a razor sharp factory edge after using it for almost two months.

  5. How does S30V steel compare to say 1095 as far as toughness. It is said that one of the great strengths of 1095 is that it can take more punishment than stainless blades as far as prying and things of such. Being that S30V is a harder steel should I consider it more brittle. I only ask because I made the switch from carbon to S30v for a hunting knife and am concerned as I had D2 hunting knife from KOA that was so brittle it chips when chopping bone. Sent it back they put new convex edge on it same result. My current knife is a Gerber Gator premium in S30V. Seems very solid just toying with tip in stumps and such, but am shy about rough use given my D2 experience. Thanks


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