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How to Remove Rust from Knives

How to Remove Rust from Knives

JeffreyFeb 12, 20131 min read

Knives, silverware, pots, and pans can all rust if they are made of steel. Don’t worry, the rust is not dangerous and you can still safely use the knife. The only issue with rusted knives is that it is unsightly and…

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How Good is N680 Steel?

JeffreyJan 24, 20131 min read

Knives are made out of many different types of metal for a variety of different reasons. Böhler N680 steel is a fairly cheap type of steel but it also has some really good qualities about it. For example, this type of…


1055 Carbon Steel Guide

JeffreyJan 21, 20131 min read

1055 is a very popular choice for carbon-based steels. Its durability and toughness provide a suitable solution for any heavy-handed enthusiast. The percentage of composition between Carbon and Manganese as the only other component within 1055 gives the steel adequate…


Kansas Knife Laws

JeffreyJan 19, 20131 min read

Kansas knife law is practically non-existent. This article will discuss the current Kansas knife law, what it means in simple everyday terms, case precedence, and explanation of legal terms. 329

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