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how to close a pocket knife

How to Close a Pocket Knife? Step-by-Step Guide (2022)

JeffreyJun 7, 202210 min read

Even though it’s often on the small side, there’s no doubt a pocket knife is still capable of doing some damage. So, it makes sense that you know how to close it just from a safety point of view. But…

Knife anatomy

10 Main Parts of a Knife – Learn Your Knife’s Anatomy

JeffreyJun 7, 202210 min read

You may think that learning about the different parts of a knife is boring, but we don’t believe that is actually the case. Instead, knife anatomy is more complex and involves more parts than you imagine, and they all impact…

Japanese knife types

Japanese Knife Types & Their Uses [Everything You Ever Wanted to Know]

JeffreyJun 7, 202213 min read

Whether we are talking sushi or the elegantly cut vegetables in certain dishes, Japanese cuisine is famous for stylized food presentation requiring extraordinary knife skill. Master Japanese chefs are true artists and, just like any other artists, there are tools…

Food cut by a sharp knife

How to Sharpen a Knife the Right Way (Supreme Guide)

JeffreyJun 7, 202211 min read

If you had to create a wish list for a new kitchen, one of the essential items must be a sharp knife. A genuinely sharp knife is the stuff of dreams, while a blunt knife can wreak havoc in the…

Two different types of pocket knives

Different Types of Pocket Knives [How to Choose The Best One]

JeffreyJun 7, 202210 min read

A certain kind of romance surrounded a pocket knife in years gone by; kids were thrilled when their parents finally decided to give them one. It was a right of passage, a mark of being grown up, well, at least…

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