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Learn what Damascus steel is.

What is Damascus Steel & How is it Made? [Explained in Detail]

JeffreyJun 14, 202211 min read

The world of knives is far more complicated than most people realize. From different types of blades to the various ways in which certain knives are designed for specific purposes, knowing as much as possible about them makes sense. But…

Santoku knife vs. chef knife.

Santoku Knife vs. Chef Knife – What’s the Difference? 

JeffreyJun 14, 202211 min read

Before we begin, it is essential to note that both the Santoku knife and the chef’s knife are in most professional kitchens. Between the Santoku knife vs. chef knife, neither knife is superior or better than the other. Instead, each…

Learn how to sharpen kitchen knives.

How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives? [Comprehensive Guide for Home Cooks]

JeffreyJun 14, 202210 min read

As a home cook, having a set of sharp kitchen knives must be one of the critical items to own. Just think of the absolute joy when you purchase a new knife, and it then slices through things like, well,…

Learn what a Santoku knife is used for

What is a Santoku Knife Used For? Everything You Need to Know About Santoku

JeffreyJun 13, 202211 min read

Suppose you fancy yourself as a chef or start on a culinary journey. In that case, you probably already know that having great knives is an excellent starting point.  The problem is that there are so many knives out there;…

A man learning how to use a sharpening stone.

How to Use a Sharpening Stone? [Most Effective & Right Way]

JeffreyJun 13, 202210 min read

Is there anything more troubling or difficult than trying to cut something with a blunt knife? We have all been there, and honestly, it just stresses us out, and before you know it, we have ordered take-out instead. But that…

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