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Maxamet Steel

Is Maxamet Steel Good For Knives?

JeffreyJul 24, 202112 min read

Maxamet steel is one of the most popular options for steel while choosing a knife for yourself. It has brilliant edge retention, it’s great against corrosion, and lots of other benefits too. Let’s take a deep dive into what exactly…

Guide to the Reverse Tanto Knife

Reverse Tanto Knife: Is It For You? (Vs. Other Blade Shapes)

JeffreyJul 23, 202113 min read

Reverse Tanto is a knife shape that’s steadily becoming popular. This unique knife style is traditional while also being modern — and is useful for a large variety of applications. Its unique and striking design makes it a must-have for…


Maryland Knife Laws

JeffreyMay 17, 20211 min read

Maryland’s knife laws are somewhat archaic and cryptic. This article will clear the matter for you in everyday English. It gives you an outline of what is allowed and what is not allowed along with law citations and case examples.…


New Jersey Knife Laws

JeffreyMay 17, 20211 min read

New Jersey knife laws are wordy and oftentimes difficult to understand if one does not have formal legal education or training. This article takes New Jersey code and case law concerning knife ownership and carry and puts it into a…

The Best Folding Knives

The Best Folding Knives

JeffreyMay 14, 20211 min read

The best folding knife should be sturdy, sharp, and easy to carry. It is important that the knife remain opened until the user, himself, closes it, as accidental closing during use can be dangerous. There are several different brands that…

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