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9cr18mov Steel Review

How 9cr18mov Steel Worthy? Review in Great Detail

JeffreyJul 27, 202113 min read

9cr18mov is another steel from the ‘Cr’ or ‘MoV’ range that is steadily gaining popularity. You’ll have noticed a lot of great mid-range quality knives being made from this steel. If you’re curious to know more about 9cr18mov, Read the…

52100 Stainless Steel Review

Using 52100 Steel As A Knife Steel: Is It A Good Choice?

JeffreyJul 26, 202112 min read

52100 is by no means a recent steel — this steel has been in the market since 1919, which makes it one of the oldest steels still going by the same name. As a high-carbon, low-alloy steel, 52100 is different…

8CR13MOV Steel Review

8Cr13MoV Steel Review: Is it Good for Knives?

JeffreyJul 25, 202112 min read

8cr13Mov is part of the Chinese steel series ‘Cr’ or ‘MoV’. These steels have recently gained popularity since they’re affordable, corrosion-resistant, and reasonably durable. Steel knives made from 8cr13Mov are impressive for the price point, while also being a great…

Maxamet Steel

Is Maxamet Steel Good For Knives?

JeffreyJul 24, 202112 min read

Maxamet steel is one of the most popular options for steel while choosing a knife for yourself. It has brilliant edge retention, it’s great against corrosion, and lots of other benefits too. Let’s take a deep dive into what exactly…

Guide to the Reverse Tanto Knife

Reverse Tanto Knife: Is It For You? (Vs. Other Blade Shapes)

JeffreyJul 23, 202113 min read

Reverse Tanto is a knife shape that’s steadily becoming popular. This unique knife style is traditional while also being modern — and is useful for a large variety of applications. Its unique and striking design makes it a must-have for…

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