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How to Claim the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty

How to Claim the Jansport Backpack Lifetime Warranty

For practical preppers, the backpack is the perfect luggage solution; you can put anything in it, and you are free to move about when you sling it over your back. Unlike messenger bags and duffel bags that often put too much pressure on one side of the body, backpacks evenly distribute the load, making it easier to lug around. And, if you are looking for a backpack that is tough enough to see you through any challenge, then you need to choose Jansport backpacks.

JanSport Right Pack Backpack

Why Jansport?

The Jansport Company has been in the business of making backpacks for years. this means they really do know a thing or two about how to properly make them. They only use the highest quality materials in their products, and they are assembled with lots of skill and attention to detail. Jansport actually makes backpacks that are meant to last; they actually place a lifetime warranty on their packs and the great thing about this company is that they really do honor their lifetime warranty.

Whether the bag’s zipper got busted, the seams bust open, or the even if one of the strap clasps break, they will fix it and send it back to you at no extra charge. As long as the damage is not due to the negligence of the owner, like holes torn in the fabric because you placed an unsheathed knife inside, they will do their best to make your bag good as new; and if they cannot, then they will just replace it with a brand new one completely free of charge.

As a testament to just how serious the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty is, there’s a story about someone who sarcastically sent in his 14-year old Jansport backpack that was completely beat to death inside an old pizza box. To his surprise, a representative from the company actually gave him a call.

The bad news was that they could not repair the damage to his bag, and since the design was already discontinued, they cannot send back an exact replacement. The good news is that he can choose from one of the recent models and they would send him that. In the end, not only did Jansport send him a brand new backpack, he actually got a model that is more expensive than the one that he previously had. That is what you call commitment to their promises.

How to Claim the Lifetime Warranty on your Jansport Backpack

It is actually quite easy to claim the lifetime warranty on your Jansport backpack, you just need to place the bag inside a suitably-sized package, with a clearly printed letter explaining the extent of the damage, your personal details, and also some remarks like what color would you like your new bag if they cannot fix the damage. And, you also need to remember that you need to clean your bag before sending it in; state law actually requires this. Mail it to the address below.




JanSport Warranty Service 
510 Crystal City Hwy. 83 South / Suite 9 
Uvalde, TX 78801




Attn: JanSport Warranty Services
3260 rue Guenette
Quebec H4S 2G5

After a few days, you will receive a call from one of Jansport’s customer service representatives confirming the receipt of your bag and the expected date that you will get it back. During the same phone call, you will get an idea on whether they can actually fix up your bag or if they have no other choice but to replace it. After a few more days, you can expect your almost-new or totally new Jansport backpack in the mail.


Few companies are actually serious about their product warranties, but not Jansport. Unless the original owner of the bag expires, they will continue honoring the Jansport backpack lifetime warranty. If a company is so confident about their product that they give a lifetime warranty on it, then you can be sure about the quality of the said product. Check out KnifeUp’s guide to machetes, multitools, and hunting knives.


  1. HI I live in Dublin Ireland and have a Jansport bag on which the zip has just broken…Do you have contact details for who I need to contact in Ireland to have my bag repaired/replaced?

  2. Hello,

    Anyone have any experience on whether Jansport repairs versus replaces the damaged product.

    I have an old waist pack where the seam where the bag joins the “belt” has failed, and also the zipper doesn’t zip anymore.

    I really want this repaired, NOT replaced because likely product is not made anymore (no compartments inside) and I really like it just the way it was designed.

    Thanks for any comments.

  3. dear jansport, hi I have question I was wondering if I can get a free backpack if I don’t have a recite or the backpack I really need one for school and I don’t have the money what can I do to get one?

  4. I just bought my grandson a Jansport backpack the date 8/8/14 at family clothes store Turlock,Calif.By the fourth day he used it the zipper is getting jammed I called the store they won’t exchange it. I don’t want my money back he just needs another one. I always by my grandkids your product but this time I got a bad one can you please help me

  5. Hi I also live in Dublin, Ireland and am looking for a local agent to return my bag to. The shop I bought it from has closed down.

    • I have bought Jansport bags since I was in middle school in the mid-90s. I’ve probably gone through 4 of them so far and they have just worn out (never failed). I feel I have gotten more than my money’s worth out of them and would never expect a company to replace an item that has served its useful life. I’m on my 5th Jansport backpack now and finally have one that is failing (the water bottle holder is ripped at the bottom but the rest of the bag functions perfectly). They’ve gotten a couple hundred dollars out of me personally and I recommend their brand every chance I get. Seems like good business practices to me.

  6. If I were to have a jansport bag in which I had bought but didn’t come with a code can I use the code that I got with my new backpack and use it for my old one ?

  7. i live in russia, my bag was bought in the us several years ago/ can you fix it or replace it? and if yes, how do i send it?

  8. My jansport is broken but I am not sure if it would be applicable for the lifetime warranty. The plastic thing holding the strap to the backpack broke and there is abrasions on the thin black strap that is looped through the plastic thing.

  9. I live in USA. Ive had my jansport backpack since junior year of high school and im in college. The one zipper doesnt hold unless i use the other one. There is a hole on the bottom from the material wearing. So is there anyways that i can get it fixs? Thanks

  10. Does anyone have the Canadian warranty email
    JanSportWarranty_ca@VFC. com is where I’m sending it and it keeps bouncing back :/

  11. I live in Malaysia. I bought my Jansport Superbreak from Gravity Trading, an online store based in the US that ships worldwide. How do I claim my lifetime warranty for my backpack since Jansport does not have an international warranty service for Malaysia, as listed on their website?

  12. I live in Malaysia. I bought my Jansport Superbreak backpack from Gravity Trading, an online store based in the US that ships worldwide. However, if my backpack ever breaks down, how do I claim the lifetime warranty? Since Jansport does not have a representative in Malaysia, do I contact the nearest country which Jansport represents or what?

  13. Hi, I appreciate if you reply me with the letter that I have to send it to you for my life warranty of my backpack

  14. Hi,
    Last night, I was with my cousin at an Office Max where she purchased a Jansport backpack $61 for her daughter. She was about to pay for a protection plan that they were selling for the backpack when I told her that Jansport had lifetime warranties. I knew this because my children had carried Jansport for over 15years. Well needless to say, the two young cashiers tried to tell me that I was wrong! I was so confident that I was right I told them that I would buy a new Jansport for my little cousin if something did happen to hers before I would allow them to purchase their protection plan!! They were not happy with me I must say.????

  15. I’m letting Jansport know about your scam. Now you’re going to get a new backpack, not my son. Go on and delete this. But, I’ve already alerted Jansport to your little trick. And I’m going to dig into this even more, with the BBB!

  16. I live in France and nobody answered my message sent 3 weeks ago to the French headquarter as indicated on Jansport webpage ( JanSportWarranty_France@VFC.com)
    I wanted to know if and where I can send my bag which ha ssome problems.
    As nobody answers, no more the warranty dept., I wonder how serious is the “lifetime warranty ” promise.

  17. I bought a Jansport bag back in June 2001 in NYC, it has lasted years!! My partner borrowed it for work and with wear and tear the stitching in the straps had started to tear. my partner wanted to throw the bag, however I searched the internet for more info on the lifetime warranty and found your article! I emailed JanSport then sent the bag off to their Germany address on 30th September 2016 and have just received it looking all new today (20th October 2016!) plus the addition of a little mobile phone holder on the strap (luckily my Iphone 5 just about squeezes in there!) 🙂

  18. This information will come in handy in future. I just thought the lifetime warranty was a marketing gimmick. I hope it is still applicable in 2017. I love Jansport!

  19. Im from the philippines. My backpack needs repair. The zipper, the stitch went off. Im using it for 17 years already. I took it to travel club botique here in the philippines to have it repaired. But they required me a 150 pesos repair charge. I thought the warranty is lifetime with no charge? And then they told me they will honor replacement if i do have the receipt. Its almost two decades since i bought my bag how i could i possibly keep my receipt?

  20. The address you have for JanSport Warranty is old and incorrect! The correct address as of 2/1/2017 is: Attn: JanSport Warranty, 2321 N Loop Rd, Alameda, CA 94502
    The emails you have are incorrect as well.
    For the most current infromation, please contact JanSport directly at 1-855-818-5966; http://www.jansport.com
    (PS – do not send in a dirty pack in a pizza box! California does have a state law that all items submitted for repairs must be clean.)

  21. Hello. I have owned my red jansport backpack since 2001. Unfortunately about five years ago it began to fall apart drastically. A little over a month ago I decided to sew it up as best as I could unaware that there was a lifetime warranty. I just came across this information today and I was wondering if the guarantee still apply since i made an attempt to mend it myself? Thanks!

  22. I bought 3 backpacks for my 3 granddaughters,. The converse all star zipper broke on one of the granddaughters backpack. It lasted 1/2 of the school year! They live in another state but this winter I was able to get the backpack back? Now I would like to get it either fixed or a new one. She said they tried and could not get it done. I thought I had a lifetime warranty. Do I have any options other than never buying into this lifetime warranty again? Thank you

  23. The seam holding zipper is broken. Not hearing from you. Guess I will post pictures of this on line. And since I am not getting any word from you it will be considered a lesson learned for me and my granddaughter.

  24. I bought my Jansport in Australia and the seam has worn through. Likely not sewn in very well in the first place. But I am living in Taiwan. How can u access this warranty?

  25. Good day to you Mr Jansport,
    I’m Roger from Golden Co. I bought this Jansport backpack in 1987. For my world Tavels around the world. 32 years later, today I just found my Jansport pack. Let’s see if you live up to lifetime warranty. I need new zippers… Please let me know ASAP. As for I am leaving for Tahiti in the next 30 days.? My email is rogerstiner1495@gmail.com P.S Thank You So much for making awesome gear

    • Hey Evelyn;
      Thanks for the question. The answer depends on how bad it’s dirty and what substance made it dirty. If it’s just “travel grime” I’d put the whole thing in a bathtub and submerge it for a short time with lots of detergent and a stiff, nylon brush. That should do the trick without wrecking the unit. There are lots of other options like using over the counter dry cleaning chemicals and carpet cleaning systems, but I like quick, cheap solutions. I often clean my sneakers with a stiff brush in a sink full of detergent – and they look new – so I figure it should work with any other tough fabric. That’s just my thought!

  26. I’m in the Philippines, I have a Jansport Backpack for almost 8-9 years I think, I just wanted to know where I can e-mail my concern regarding my backpack? So I can send it to warranty warehouse. Thanks.

  27. knifeup.com is a great blog site. I do always follow your post. I was bought a backpack from suggesting and read a kids backpack review website. Please check & suggest me can I follow that?

  28. if i send in a ripped jansport backpack with the warranty waiver filled out, can i get a different colored backpack instead of the same design again?

  29. knifeup.com is a great blog site. I do always follow your post. I was bought a backpack from suggesting and read a kids’ backpack review website. Please check & suggest me can I follow that?

  30. My Jansport backpack is 28 years old. I am not kidding. I got it in 3rd grade I am mow 37.I used it all through school. We sent it back once or twice to have a worn out zipper replaced. I have used it since as a travel and a diaper bag and now my little boy uses it in 2nd grade though we have to send it back for a worn out zipper agian this year which is how I stumbled upon this article while looking for how to return it. I remember in 3rd gradeI would lose things a lot and my Mom put my name in a white paint pen on the pocket of my dark purple backpack. It slowly faded over the years and now you can’t even tell it was ever there.

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