What to Look for in Pocket Knife Brands

Are you wondering “what is the best knife brand?” Well, I used to wonder that too. Basically, if you are new to knife shopping, all these choices, manufacturers, models, and variations makes buying a knife a big deal. Like, should you go with carbon steel or stainless steel? How do you know that this $100 knife is better than this …

The Top 3 Best Bowie Knife

Are you looking for a great Bowie Knife? A Bowie knife is a knife that is longer than 6 inches with a sharp, wide blade. It was designed by Col. James Bowie to be a portable fighting knife. It should be longer and heavier than a dagger but shorter than a saber. Historians stated that a Bowie “must be long …

The 3 Best Utility Knives | Best Utility Knife

The best utility knife can serve as a box cutter and more. You’ll find that it can serve also as a pocket knife, rescue knife, and even in light use cases, as a camping knife. A utility knife’s utility is far more than what most people expect (hence the name). Here are some ideas on what to look for when shopping for the best …

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Best Skinning Knife: Tips in Finding One

Selecting the best skinning knife for you depends primarily on the type of hunting that you do, and the type of prey you hunt. Likewise, your personal preferences, the handle style, and the size of the skinning knife, among others, should be considered. This is to make sure that the knife will be comfortable enough for you to handle.

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Best Leathermans | Best Multi-tools

The multitool is today’s version of the Swiss Army Knife. Equipped with sometimes dozens of blades and bits, multi-tools are useful in the widest variety of applications. This guide will tell you what you should look for in the best multi-tool, the 3 top-selling multi-tools, and a recommendation as to which one you should purchase.

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Best Tactical Folding Knife Endorsed by Airborne Soldier

Please note that this review does not necessarily reflect the views of Knife Up and that it is purely an opinion expressed by someone who appreciates and knows something about knives.  If the opinion differs from yours, please respect it as what it is; an opinion!  You are free to have yours! Are you or someone you know deploying soon? …

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Top 3 Best Throwing Tomahawks

Are you looking for a good throwing tomahawk? Throwing a tomahawk is very fun, even more fun than throwing a knife. It gives you the same rush of throwing a knife, but with more power. When you hear the “thud” the tomahawk makes as it hits its target, it feels stronger and louder than the “thud” from a knife. This article will …