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Our small team has spent countless hours researching gear and actually using quite a bit of it.  For those items we don’t actually buy, we’ve spent a crazy amount of time researching the products on Amazon, customer comments, forums, manufacturer websites and more!  We truly hope to bring you useful, actionable and easy to read product reviews.

  • Fallkniven A1 Review

    Fallkniven A1 Review

    When one thinks of the ultimate in survival knives, one would think of the . The beautifully-designed A1 brings together ergonomics, outstanding technical design, and economy. The A1 exceeds international standards for personal security, value, and strength. The all-purpose semi-large knife is great for heavy-duty uses. The blade is made of extremely hard and laminated […]

  • Best Electric Knife Sharpener

    Best Electric Knife Sharpener

    Okay, let’s be a little more specific here!  What I mean is that the Presto 8810 is, in my opinion, the best electric knife sharpener value given the price.  It’s less than $50, but if you’d like to spend a few hundred bucks on a sharpener, you could get an even better one!  Make sense?  […]

  • Kershaw Lonerock Folding Drop Point Review

    Kershaw Lonerock Folding Drop Point Review

    Given the size of the (which is substantially bigger than its non-folding counterpart), it would definitely not be considered an EDC knife, and its lack of clip would attest to the fact that it was never meant to be such a knife.  The spine of the blade throughout its length (until the last 3/4 inches near […]

  • Top 5 Survival Knives!

    Top 5 Survival Knives!

    You are out in the woods alone, (this is not advised) and you have nothing but your survival knife to assist you with all of your basic needs to survive.  You build a shelter, start a fire and kill a deer to eat.  The next morning you hike out and find civilization once again. Then […]

  • 0301 Stockman Pocket Knife

    0301 Stockman Pocket Knife

    The is a pocket knife that is manufactured by Buck.  Buck is a company that was started in the United States; the first Buck knife was officially made in 1902.  In the beginnings of Buck, every knife was made by hand, carefully crafted. The first Buck knife shop was opened in 1945.  It was a […]

  • The Best Brands of Folding Knives

    The Best Brands of Folding Knives

    Probably more than any other industry where product brands compete against each other, I believe the knife industry has the highest number of really high-end brands that offer stellar quality.  There are literally hundreds of brands and you can see just a partial list to give you an idea HERE.  You know if a company […]

  • Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Review

    Cold Steel Recon 1 Spear Point Review

    The is a folding knife with 2’’, 3’’, and 4’’ inch spear point blades. Like all other Cold Steel knives, it is made of the highest quality materials and it is manufactured using cutting-edge technology, proprietary procedures, and rigorous quality control and testing. Below is a detailed review of the Cold Steel Recon 1 and […]

  • Cold Steel Pendleton Review

    Cold Steel Pendleton Review

    Bigger knives are not necessarily better (Sorry, Crocodile Dundee.). This fact is proven by this review. These knives are Cold Steel’s attempt at copying the kinds of knives that master knife maker Lloyd Pendleton made. Although these knives may be on the short side (The blade is just 3 ½ inches long.), they are made […]

  • SOG Field Pup II Review

    SOG Field Pup II Review

    PLEASE note the Field Pup II is NEARLY discontinued, and while it was a good knife, we may no longer have access to it other than 2nd hand. You can try to see if it’s still available by clicking . However, the good news is that we do recommend another very sharp-looking (play on words […]

  • The 5 Best Throwing Axes: Supreme Buying Guide & Review

    The 5 Best Throwing Axes: Supreme Buying Guide & Review

    The pastime of throwing axes has become a cult-like activity across the continent as ax-throwing centers have popped up in every single major city in North America and many beyond.  Since around 2015 the trend started, and now it’s as strong as ever.  Even some of the quietest, small and shy people I know are […]

  • SOG Force Review

    SOG Force Review

    Unfortunately the SOG Force has been discontinued, but if you’d like to know our view on it (maybe you have a used one or are considering getting one), please read on! If you’d like to see our best recommendation for a SOG Force alternative, it’s the Schrade Frontier 13 inch High Carbon Steel Fixed Blade Knife […]

  • Best Leatherman Multi-tools

    Best Leatherman Multi-tools

    The multitool is today’s version of the Swiss Army Knife. Equipped with sometimes dozens of blades and bits, multi-tools are useful in the widest variety of applications.  If you have a multi-tool these days, it opens up an entire world of problem-solving, peace of mind and empowerment. It’s like always having a flashlight in your […]

  • Benchmade 940 Review

    Benchmade 940 Review

    The Benchmade 940 folder is a great pocket knife!  I have read quite a few reviews for it on Amazon and everyone who has tried this knife has loved it!  One of the only complaints I have seen with this knife is the price, but personally, I think the knife is worth every penny.  Benchmade […]

  • The Best Utility Knife: Ultimate Buying Guide and Review [Top 10 Picks]

    The Best Utility Knife: Ultimate Buying Guide and Review [Top 10 Picks]

    The best utility knife can serve as a box cutter and more. You’ll find that it can serve also as a pocket knife, rescue knife, and even in light use cases, as a camping knife. A utility knife’s utility or usefulness is far more than what most people expect (hence the name). Here are some […]

  • Top 5 Fixed Blade Tactical Knives

    Top 5 Fixed Blade Tactical Knives

    What is a Tactical Knife?  Loosely defined it could be a knife that you would expect the military to use.  The actual definition is a knife that has one or more military features, designed for extreme situations, and it may or may not include capabilities that a fighting or combat knife might have. Qualities of […]

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