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Our small team has spent countless hours researching gear and actually using quite a bit of it.  For those items we don’t actually buy, we’ve spent a crazy amount of time researching the products on Amazon, customer comments, forums, manufacturer websites and more!  We truly hope to bring you useful, actionable and easy to read product reviews.

  • Kershaw Injection 3.5 Review

    Kershaw Injection 3.5 Review

    First Thoughts The Kershaw Injection is a Todd Rexford design and it was first released to the retail market in 2013.  Because of nothing more than standard operating protocol in the industry, it was discontinued in 2016, though you can still find it online (I did!).  Kershaw is a brand of the parent company Kai…

  • Buck Hood Cocobolo Hoodlum Review

    Buck Hood Cocobolo Hoodlum Review

    However, if you came to the site looking for a “HOODLUM-ESQUE” kind of knife, we have done a bit of research and found a Hoodlum alternative knife that looks very similar and offers the same features as the Cocobolo Hoodlum. Say hello to the Ontario RTAK II by the Ontario Knife Company.  The RTAK II…

  • Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

    Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife

    Whether you need to open a can of soup, get a sliver out, or just write a check…  No matter what your need is, you will find that the by Swiss Army is the perfect fit for you.  To fulfill all your needs while you are hiking, fishing, hunting or just going about your normal…

  • Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275 Knife Review

    Benchmade Sibert Adamas 275 Knife Review

    Benchmade’s (Sibert) Adamas knife is one of the top quality survival knives made in the US. It appears and feels much like a combat knife but the Adamas isn’t classified as military. Nevertheless, the feel, the sturdiness, and the quality give more value to its average price of $150. This Benchmade Adamas knives review will…

  • ESEE 5P Survival Knife Review

    For the battlefield or for surviving in the forest, no other knife is more indispensable than the ESEE 5P Survival, Escape, . This knife is great when one is out camping and it is far more durable than the average Swiss knife. It is also a must-have for military men during training and out in…

  • CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder Review

    The CRKT M21 Aluminum Folder was designed as a variation to the highly popular Kit Carson Big Dog Deep Bellied. The design looks more simplistic, but it is nevertheless purpose-driven and custom-made. This review will discuss the several aspects of this knife.

  • OKC Hunt Plus Camp Knife

    OKC Hunt Plus Camp Knife

    As I walked through the old front door of the more-than-100-year-old building off the beaten path in the tiny town of Franklinville, NY, I was immediately struck by the sheer quantity of knives hanging on display.  The Ontario Knife Company had an incredibly diverse and nearly awe-inspiring display of knives on every wall.  I scarcely…

  • SOG Seal Team Elite Survival Knife – Review

    SOG Seal Team Elite Survival Knife – Review

    The SOG Seal Team Elite is a bada$$-looking knife that just makes me want to play with it like a schoolboy and fidget spinner (yes, they were popular in 2017 and 2018 okay!?).  It’s a survival knife made by an iconic knife brand in Seattle, WA and it’s designed with undertones of “Bowie” in its…

  • Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Review

    Spyderco Bushcraft G-10 Review

    Fortunately, there are REALLY good alternatives that may be even better than the G-10 at a better price! Our best recommendation for a Bushcraft G-10 alternative is the TOPS Knives B.O.B. (Brothers of Bushcraft) Fieldcraft B.O.B. Hunter. The is a knife specifically designed for outdoor use. The knife is of portable size and ideal for…

  • Spyderco Kapara Review

    Spyderco Kapara Review

    First Thoughts Check On BladeHQ 2018 has been filled with lots of activity in the knife industry, and one of the events is the release of Spyderco’s newest models called the Kapara.  A part-time knifemaker from Australia has recently caught the attention of Spyderco execs and as a result, knifemaker Alistair Phillips is Spyderco’s newest collaborator/designer.…

  • Best Assisted Opening Knives

    An assisted opening knife can be defined as a folding knife that has an internal mechanism used to finish or complete the process of opening the blade after it has been partially opened from a closed position by the user through a thumb stud or flipper attached to the blade.

  • Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife Review

    Fallkniven Pilot Survival Knife Review

    The has the honor of being Fallkniven’s very first knife. The company had taken eight years to develop this knife and its many variants (F1 Black and F1/3G). Since 1995, the Swedish Air Force has been using this knife as a survival tool. The F1 is tremendously versatile as well as handy. The pleasant and…

  • Cold Steel Master Tanto Review

    Cold Steel Master Tanto Review

    The tanto was originally a short dagger or knife used by the ancient samurai class from Japan and it was primarily used for stabbing through an enemy’s thick armor during close combat. There is now a modern equivalent of this feudal-era weapon, the Cold Steel Master Tanto, which retains almost all of the design aspects…

  • Benchmade 556 Mini Griptilian (Unbiased Review)

    Put simply, this is one of the best and most popular EDC (“Every day carry”) knives on the market.  It has become popular among knife enthusiasts for its smaller size, ability to hold an edge, and excellent strength.  Perhaps its biggest weakness is its somewhat “cheap” feel in the hand, but it’s tough to argue…

  • Fiskars X7 Hatchet Review

    Fiskars X7 Hatchet Review

    When you are in the woods or at home there is always a need for a little multi-purpose hatchet.  Hatchets are great for chopping smaller pieces of wood, as well as prepping kindling.  The is a great hatchet for an even better price on Amazon. Durability Fiskars built this hatchet to be durable.   It…