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Benchmade 710 Review

Benchmade 710 Review: The Pocket Knife

How do you feel about swishing a pocket knife in the air and hearing its satisfying click noise as it goes comfortably into its pocket? It almost makes me feel like a sidekick in a James Bond movie! The Benchmade 710 made people’s fantasies come true when it first introduced the Axis lock in 1999. […]
Learn How to Clean Carbon Steel Knives

How to Clean Carbon Steel Knives Properly (4 Different Methods)

Similar to other carbon steel products, carbon steel knives are prone to rust. And even if your knife is made of stainless steel, rust can still form if you don’t take proper care of it. Luckily, rust on your carbon steel knives isn’t necessarily a death sentence; you can still remove rust off the blades […]
Best Gas Forge for Knife Making

8 Best Gas Forge for Knife Making Reviewed

As a knife-making enthusiast myself, I remember when I first started looking for a gas forge and how challenging that task was. With the ever-increasing number of options on the market, it can be difficult to find the best gas forge for knife making. However, after years of testing and trying different units, I’m here […]
Best Anvils for Knife Making

7 Best Anvil for Knife Making Reviewed

Earlier this year, we posted a thorough guide on how to make a knife, where we covered the basic skills and tools you need to make your custom knife. After you’ve learned the basics, you might want to develop a few more delicate skills so that you can refine your knife into a better, prettier, […]
When Must a Knife Be Cleaned and Sanitized

When Must a Knife Be Cleaned and Sanitized (Revealed)

Do you know that satisfying feeling you get when you swiftly cut something with your sharp knife? It certainly has to do with keeping your kitchen tool clean. Unfortunately, if you neglect washing your blade after use, it’ll turn blunt over time. Not to mention, you’ll be dealing with quite a lot of germs and […]
How to Clean Swiss Army Knife

How to Clean Swiss Army Knife: A Step-by-Step Guide

People often call those who can perform numerous tasks well enough “swiss army knives.” That’s because these knives tend to have around 33 different blades and tools, offering their users a broad range of functions.  But to fully benefit from your swiss army knife, you need to maintain it well. So, let’s show you the […]
15 Best Pocket Knives Under 30 Reviewed

15 Best Pocket Knives Under 30 in 2021

With time, the folding knife has emerged as a crucial thing in people’s EDC kits. This is because the EDC knife or everyday carry knife is quite compact and durable. Besides, these folding knives are functional enough to be used for different tasks. For example, cutting rope, slicing, and more. Some people think that they […]
10 Best Knife Sets Under 100

10 Best Knife Sets Under 100 in 2021

As you all are aware that the knife is the very initial equipment when you enter the kitchen. When it comes to slicing, grooving, slashing, and chopping, a knife is required for every process. That is why there is strong competition between the knife manufacturers to offer the nicest knife with an exclusive budget. Manufacturers […]
10 Best Pocket Knife For Kids

10 Best Pocket Knife For Kids in 2021

Just like adults, the kids are even fascinated by the use of pocket knives. And this fascination is what triggers them to look for the best pocket knife for kids that is legal and safe for them to use. But, it is parents’ job to take the concern for guiding their kids to choose a […]
10 Best Knife Set Under $200 for Your Kitchen

10 Best Knife Set Under $200 for Your Kitchen in 2021

Looking for the best knife set under 200 without breaking your budget? There is nothing to search for; there are plenty of best quality knives under $200. Best knife set within just $200 is like winning a prize for your kitchen.  Finding a reasonable knife set for your kitchen is crucial. As you all know, […]


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