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Los Angeles knife law

Los Angeles California Knife Laws

In the US, there are several laws in force on different levels. There are federal, state, and municipal laws, all of which are very confusing when put together especially since they can differ from each other depending on which place you’re in. This causes trouble most of the time, especially for travelers who don’t know […]
S30V steel

S30v Steel Review

S30v steel is the latest innovation in recent years. This steel is being used to make pocket knives and the blades of steel knives in general. It also is used to make certain steel tools. Many of the steel tools made in America are made of this steel. It is arguably the strongest steel available. […]
Amerian flag with knife

Alabama Knife Laws

Knife laws are confusing; let us help. The US has some general knife laws but it only applies to importing from overseas, transportation between states, and federal properties like military bases. Anything outside of that is covered by state laws. Some cities have their own specific knife laws as well but Alabama has one of the most lenient knife […]
Amerian flag with knife

Arkansas Knife Laws

Are you interested in Arkansas knife laws? Unlike other states, Arkansas repealed archaic knife laws in 2011. It is now one of the most friendly state for knives. Some websites on the Internet have not been updated so they are out of date. This article was updated in 2019.
Amerian flag with knife

Arizona Knife Laws

If you live in Arizona you are in luck, Arizona has the best knife laws of all 50 states. There are no illegal pocket knives in Arizona.  Basically, you can own any type of blade you want and carry it concealed or in the open without worry. There are no municipal laws so you won’t […]
Best survival hatchet

The Best Survival Hatchet: Supreme Buying Guide & Top 3 Review

What is a survival hatchet? A hatchet is a type of axe that has a head that weighs anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds and is small enough to be wielded with one hand. On one end, a hatchet has a sharp blade that runs about 3-5 inches. On the other end, a hatchet has […]

Your Kitchen Only Needs 5 Knives

When I was a cook in the Army, we had lots of knives in the kitchen but only a handful of types. Gizmodo recently released this article about what knives you must have in your kitchen. In short, the five knives are: Cleaver — for when you cut up meats. Chef’s Knife — the knife […]

Cold Steel Rep Reveals the Best Way to Get Factory Seconds

Are you looking to buy a great cold steel knife? Cold Steel makes lots of awesome blades from folders to machetes. Every so often, the Cold Steel sells factory seconds at a reduced price. These are knives that have not fully made it to the standard and, therefore, are sold at a discount. Don’t worry, […]

Step by Step Guide for Kydex Sheath Making

A knife sheath is an important tool any knife enthusiast must have. Not only does it help you handle and transport your knife safely, but it can also help you in transporting your knife around much easier. As a bonus, when done the right way, they can be an attractive complementary piece to your prized […]

Knife Making Tools

Creating knives requires special equipment, depending on the type of knife that will be made. Typically, the tools used are grouped into different categories, depending on how they will be used.


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