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Amerian flag with knife

Oklahoma Knife Laws

EDITOR’S NOTE: Oklahoma knife laws are short and to the point, but it can be difficult to determine exactly what is legal and what is not, as the legislature appears to have left much of the interpretation of the law up to the Courts, failing to provide needed definitions and details. The Court, too seems […]

The Largest Knife in the World

Did you know that the largest knife in the world is smaller than the largest spoon in the world? Who would’ve ever known? There are three world records for large knives: the largest utility knife,  the largest pocket knife (it doesn’t fit in your pocket just as a little FYI) and the largest Bowie knife.

How Good is CPM S90V Knife Steel?

Introduction Crucible Industries CPM S90V Knife is tough stuff. This steel is well known for for its wear-resistance.  According to Crucible, S90V is used in plastic feedscrews, valve components, nozzles, slitters, cutters, gear pumps, pelletizing equipment, bearings, and other hard use parts. In the knifemaking world, S90V is legendary for its near perfect edge-retention. It […]

United Cutlery Bankruptcy

United Cutlery is one of the most popular producers of knives in the market, established decades ago and continued to be active in the market as far back as 2005-06. Their declaration of bankruptcy has rattled many blade collectors – especially since there is a strong following for the company’s Hibben series. With their seemingly […]
Nitro V Stainless Steel

How Good is Nitro V Stainless Steel?

Introduction With the vast amount of “boutique steel” on the market today, the knifemaker and consumer have an unprecedented ability to be choosy about the type of steel they want in their knives. Online forums are awash in back and forth banter on what steel to use for what purpose, how to heat treat and […]
Bohler M390 knife steel

M390 Knife Steel Overview

Bohler M390 Steel Introduction Bohler M390 stainless steel is one of the recent wave of “super steels” heralded by knife makers all over the world. It has characteristics of high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance. This means you’re going to get a very fine edge that retains its sharpness even through hard use, with little […]

How to Throw a Bowie Knife

Bowie knives are great weapons.  That doesn’t mean you should use them as such, and furthermore, they’re not great for throwing. The Bowie knife is a sheath knife with a fixed blade that was made popular by James “Jim” Bowie during the early part of the 19th century. Typically, the Bowie is bigger than the […]

Advantages of a Tanto Blade

A blade can be defined simply as the specific portion of a tool, machine, or weapon that has an edge designed to puncture and/or cut, slash, stab, slice, thrust, chop, or scrape the surface of various materials. Blades may be crafted out of a flaking stone such as flint, ceramic, metal (usually steel), or other […]

Knife Making Equipment Guide

Making a knife requires a design, proper materials, and proper equipment. The right tools will contribute to creating a durable blade and handle. The blade is made from steel by a heating process, grinding and cooling. It can be made at home or small warehouse with heavy or homemade equipment. The machinery needed for more […]

4 Easy Butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

A Butterfly Knife is really just another name for a Balisong.  If you’re wondering exactly what a balisong it, feel free to check out our article which answers that question.  The butterfly knife is one of the stealthiest weapons out there. A popular type of concealed weapon, it’s very effective if one learns how to […]


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