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Best Kershaw knives

Best Kershaw Knife: Top 10 List – Which One Will You Choose?

The Kershaw knife, manufactured by the same name – Kershaw Knives, is one of the most popular tools in the American knife industry. The company has not only established a strong brand in the U.S. and the world over but continues to reign supreme with new technologies and designs. The firm boasts of a massive … Read more
Spetsnaz machete

Spetsnaz Machete: No. 1 Russian Survival Tool [Top 3 Choices]

Spetsnaz Machete, a weird Russian survival tool, has more uses than any US survival knife and can save your life in the wilderness or urban environment. It can hammer, chop, cut, pry, saw, pummel, and you can even use it as a ruler. Who are the Spetsnaz? The Spetsnaz is the Russian special forces group. … Read more
best pocket knife sharpener

7 Best Pocket Knife Sharpeners

Pocket knives need to be razor-sharp at all times because their ability to cut through anything is what makes them useful. But that doesn’t mean throwing your knife away when it gets dull! It just means you need to get a good sharpener.  And luckily, your search for the best pocket knife sharpeners ends here. … Read more
Best knife steels

6 Best Knife Steels: Reviewed & Buyers Guide

As a knife enthusiast and an aspiring knife maker, I’ve always wondered what the best knife steel is. Do I go for something high-end like the CTS-XHP, or is it better to go with something that’s more widely used, like the 1095?  As it turns out, you can’t choose one type to rule them all. … Read more
3 Bokashi Knives Reviewed

3 Bokashi Knives Reviewed (Best of 2022)

Bokashi knives are standing out in the industry with their innovative designs, unique handcrafting, and relentless care. This is impressive when you consider that Bokashi Steel has only been around since 2013. Bokashi knives use low-temperature tempering to enhance the crystal structure of the steel and elevate its sturdiness. If you want to cut to … Read more
Best Steels for Beginner Knife Makers

6 Best Steels for Beginner Knife Makers Reviewed

When you’re new to knife making, the number of tools and components that go into the process can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve been reading on knife making for a while, it’s hard to apply this knowledge practically if you have no previous experience, and you’ll likely find yourself looking for help. And that’s why … Read more
Best Belt Grinder for Knife Making

6 Best Belt Grinder for Knife Making Reviewed

When making a knife as a beginner, one of the things that might confuse you the most is the sheer number of different ways you can approach this process. For instance, some knifemakers like to start with a stock steel sheet, while others prefer to buy forged blade-shaped steel to save time. In this article, … Read more
Learn How to Forge Knife

How To Forge Knife: A Simple Guide to Forging Knives

Knife usage dates back to prehistoric times; they have been extremely efficient versatile tools that have helped humans in a bunch of different situations.  And, believe it or not, the very first knives were made out of flint! They resembled daggers more than anything else, were asymmetrical, and it was quite hard to hold them … Read more
Learn How to Make a Knife Handle

Learn How to Make a Knife Handle: The Pocket Guide

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knife maker, your handle determines the effectiveness of your knife. Although you can make it using different designs, you’ll want a handle that feels comfortable in your hand. So, would you like to learn how to make a knife handle without breaking a sweat?  Luckily, we’ve prepared an … Read more
3 Best 1x30 Belts for Knife Making

3 Best 1×30 Belts for Knife Making [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Whether you’re an expert or amateur knifemaker, 1×30 belts are where it’s at! Their grit range is high enough for knife making, and they’re pretty compact, allowing you a lot of precision. But my experience as a knife enthusiast, reviewer, and maker over the past 15 years has made me realize that not all 1×30″ … Read more

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