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Learn How to Make a Knife Handle

Learn How to Make a Knife Handle: The Pocket Guide

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knife maker, your handle determines the effectiveness of your knife. Although you can make it using different designs, you’ll want a handle that feels comfortable in your hand. So, would you like to learn how to make a knife handle without breaking a sweat?  Luckily, we’ve prepared an … Read more
3 Best 1x30 Belts for Knife Making

3 Best 1×30 Belts for Knife Making [Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide]

Whether you’re an expert or amateur knifemaker, 1×30 belts are where it’s at! Their grit range is high enough for knife making, and they’re pretty compact, allowing you a lot of precision. But my experience as a knife enthusiast, reviewer, and maker over the past 15 years has made me realize that not all 1×30″ … Read more
3 Best 2x72 Belts

3 Best 2X72 Belts in 2022

Keeping your knife blade sharp is essential for maintaining a solid performance and preserving the blade’s outline. And 2×72 belts provide the perfect balance between heavy-duty grinding and finer detail work that most knives need. It’s the most suitable size for profiling, detailed edge sanding, sharpening, and bevel grinding. With over 15 years of experience … Read more
Tomodachi Knife Review

Tomodachi Knife Review (Best of 2022)

If you’re a knife enthusiast and thinking of buying a Tomodachi knife, then you’re in the right place!  While there are several Tomodachi knives, the Tomodachi Brights 13-Piece is the most robust and effective. This recommendation comes from years of using and experimenting with a wide range of such knives.  In this Tomodachi knife review, … Read more
Best Victorinox kitchen knives

Victorinox Kitchen Knives Review: Are They Worthy?

Victorinox is a top-class producer of high-quality and efficient knives. It’s widely known for its Swiss Army knives which have been around for nearly 130 years. Whether you intend to use a knife in your home or professional kitchens,victorinox kitchen knives are an excellent choice.  From several years’ worth of experience in knife reviews, we’ve … Read more
Shun Classic Knives Review

Shun Classic Knives Review: Are They Worthy?

For your kitchen to be complete, you need the right set of knives. There are so many brands out there, and sometimes it’s challenging to choose the perfect knives for your cooking needs.  Whether you’re a beginner, a home cook, or a knife enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the Shun Classic knives. We have been using these … Read more
Forever Sharp Knives Review

Forever Sharp Knives Review: Are They Worthy?

Forever Sharp has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. And the company has been getting attention for its kitchen knives. The blades are marketed to be “Forever Sharp” as seen by the brand’s name and their lifetime guarantee policy. Having researched multiple unbiased sources of knife reviews and considered every single aspect … Read more
5 Best Mercer Knives Reviewa

5 Best Mercer Knives: Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

Mercer is a brand that’s on the rise and gaining popularity for offering high-quality yet affordable knives and knife sets. As someone who spends most of his time slicing in the kitchen, I’ve had my fair share of Mercer knives, and it’s time to share what I learned throughout the years about the best Mercer … Read more
10 Best Serbian chef knives

Serbian Chef Knife: Supreme Buyer’s Guide [Top 10 Picks]

Originated in Serbian, France, and Germany, Serbian chef knives can be used to chop through anything. I’ve used many different knives over the years, but I always find myself reaching out for a Serbian knife daily. Without a doubt, the Authentic XYJ 6.7-Inch Serbian Chef Knife is my go-to option because it’s comfortable on the … Read more
7 Best Kai Knives Reviewed & Buyer's Guide

7 Best Kai Knives: Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

Being one of the most established knife manufacturers in the world, Kai Knives has cemented itself as an industry leader with over 100 years of experience. The company is based in Japan’s Seki City, which is known for knife manufacturing. Kai Knives combine affordability and functionality, making them a favorable option for pretty much any … Read more

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