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Best Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener

Are some of the knives in your kitchen dull? Does it take you too much effort to cut your tomatoes? Instead of spending money to have your knives sharpened by someone else, you can buy a simple knife sharpener that’ll save you lots of headaches and money. This article on the best knife sharpener will walk you through the best knife sharpeners for specific types of knives as well as for general use. The best knife sharpener for kitchen knives does not need to leave a polished edge like a knife sharpener for survival knives. If you just want to get your knives sharpened without much work, you can pick from either an electric knife sharpener or a pull through knife sharpener.

Best Knife Sharpening System for Kitchen Knives and Pocket Knives (Reviews)

Spyderco, a Golden, Colorado-based knife company, makes the best knife sharpening system. It features two sets of ceramic stones that are attached to a base at preset 15, 20, or 12.5 degrees. The ceramic does not need oil or water and works with knives, scissors, fish hooks, darts, and other metal items that requires a sharp blade or point.

This knife sharpening system has been mentioned as the best knife sharpening system on knife forums, blade forums, survivalist forums, hunting forums, rifle forums, and men’s crafts forums for its ease of use and quality. The preset angles and ceramic stones allow you to sharpen kitchen knives without much work and, unlike machine sharpening, you can’t really screw this up. The set includes an in-depth instructional DVD that walks you through step by step. released this in-depth PDF walking you through how to use the Sharpmaker if you want to read about it before you purchase.

This special website consistently sells this knife sharpening system for 33% off and you can purchase it now for $70 – $80

Best Knife Sharpener for Outdoor and Survival Knives (Reviews)

Unlike kitchen knives, survival knives and outdoor knives need to have a polished blade to maintain their edge during harsh use. Because of that, a knife sharpener for a hunting knife tends to have a finer stone. Online, most knife enthusiasts and survivalists prefer to sharpen their knives with ceramic by hand at first and, afterward, finish the edge with leather. KnifeUp agrees and recommends this method. Some individuals prefer to use machinery to sharpen their knives and, if skilled, this is a great way to restore a factory edge. However, you can easily ruin your knives forever if you make a mistake during sharpening. For that reason, machine sharpening is not recommended unless you are experienced — or have some knives you can practice with.

Lansky, a big name in knife sharpening that has been around since 1979, is a company that provides tons of sharpening tools. Their Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System has stones ranging from extra-coarse to extra-fine as well as a guide that has preset angles at 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees so will always be able to restore any blade to its original edge. The Lansky website also features a really easy to follow video that walks you through the 3 step process to begin sharpening your knives with their sharpening system.

For survival, outdoors, and hunting knives, the 5-Stone Sharpening System is a great purchase. To give your survival knife the final polish, KnifeUp recommends that you use a barber strap or any strip of leather. Amazon has a great deal on a Lansky Sharpening System.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener (Reviews)

The Presto 8810 is the best electric knife sharpener for the money. At $49.99, this electric knife sharpener performs similarly as $120 models. The Presto 8810 features three stages that have an adjustable angle so that you can do everything from simple touch-ups to remove chips on any knife. Stage 1 is a very, very course stage that’ll eat away lots of metal, use it on knives that are as sharp as a spoon or knives that have chips. Stage 2 is similar to a course stage and KnifeUp recommends that you use this stage first for most knives. Only when this stage is not doing it should you use stage one. Stage 3 is the polish stage that’ll give your knives a very smooth finish.

The Presto 8810 can sharpen scissors and serrated knives in addition to flat edge knives. This electric knife sharpener was rated 4.5 stars on Amazon out of over 1700 reviews. Reviewers liked it for its ease of use (anyone can use it), speed (you can sharpen your whole kitchen in minutes), and low price.

Best Pull Through Knife Sharpener for Novice (Reviews)

Out of all the pull through knife sharpeners you can buy, the Smith’s PP1 is the best pull through knife sharpener. Unlike other knife sharpeners, this knife sharpener will not eat away all the metal on your blade. It features a carbide slot that is coarse enough to bring the life back to a neglected blade as well as a ceramic slot that’ll polish a knife up quickly. In addition to that, the PP1 features a diamond rod that you can use to sharpen serrated blades–very few other pull through knife sharpeners have this. The whole system fits in your hand easily and can be stored in a drawer, pocket, or camping bag. Other pull through knife sharpeners are too bulky to be used outside of the kitchen.

The whole system is priced at under $10 and users on Amazon have rated the PP1 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 1,700 reviews. This is a top selling pull through knife sharpener that I recommend everyone buy. Avoid all the other ones as those will shorten the life of your knife.

Conclusion on Best Knife Sharpener

Depending on how much time, skill, and money you have, the best knife sharpener for you will vary upon those factors. An electric knife sharpener is recommended for individuals who want a quick and easy way to sharpen their knives without learning how to sharpen them by hand. In that case, KnifeUp recommends the Presto 8810. If you want a quick and easy way to sharpen knives and do not want to buy an electric knife sharpener and/or you want to be able to sharpen your knives when camping, the PP1 is a great choice. The Spyderco Sharpmaker is a great knife sharpening system for anyone wanting to get great quality edges. The Spyderco Sharpmaker is a system that is raved about online by knife enthusiasts. For the more hardcore knife sharpener, the Lansky  5 Stone system with a leather belt will give you full control as to how you can sharpen your knives and is recommended for expert knife sharpeners.



  1. Being from Colorado, I can definitely attest to Spyderco. You can’t go wrong with their sharpeners and knives.

    1. I keep hearing so much about angles. Are they that important? What is the angle on this? If I put a knife with a 30 angle into a 40 angle sharpener, will it mess up the blade?

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