Best Knife Sharpener for Factory Sharp Knives

A dull knife is a dangerous knife, making it crucial for owners to maintain the sharpness of their cutting tool. Although the basic sharpening tools are good, the market now offers commercial sharpening devices that can offer faster and better results than the manual process. For those who are currently shopping for the best knife sharpener, the following are the different characteristics it should have.

What to Look For in a Knife Sharpener

Pull Through or Electric

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This knife sharpener is as close to factory sharp as you can get. Click here for more details.

There are two basic types of knife sharpeners out in the market today – pull through and electric. The pull through type is basically a manual sharpening method made even easier since a slot is specially made for the knife. Users simply have to put it in place and pull outwards. The grinding materials will do the rest. The electric type basically does the same thing but doesn’t require human intervention in order to work. The best knife sharpener can be either type and will depend on your preference.

Multiple Functions

The knife sharpener should be able to sharpen both a straight edge knife and a serrated knife. Since most homes often have a bread knife (which are serrated), it is important to have this sharpened as well, hence the need for a serrated blade function.

Compatibility Features

Take a good look at the current knives in the kitchen and purchase a sharpener that is capable of accommodating those. Since knives come in different shapes and sizes, it is important to find a sharpener that is universal. This way, there wouldn’t be any need to use a separate sharpener for special blades.

At Least Three Stages

A good knife sharpener should have at least three stages for sharpening. Since there are different levels of abrasiveness, the sharpener must contain all three to produce a brand-new type of sharpened edge. These three slots will have different levels of work done on the blade edge. The first will remove the burrs, the second will sharpen the edge, and the last one will be responsible for honing the blade. Look for a diamond-hone type since this is the best material for the job.

Cost of the Product

Obviously, the cost of the sharpener should be a major factor during the selection process. The price of the product will likely give you a good idea of its quality. The cost of a knife sharpener may vary from one brand to another with electric professional types going as high as several hundred dollars. Individuals thinking about making a purchase are advised to set a budget and browse only through the items that fall within their needs.

Safety Features Availability

Look for a device that offers safety features such as a child’s safety lock. With knives being highly dangerous yet essential tools, it is only crucial to have sharpeners that will keep them away from children. It should also have a guard to keep the user from getting scratched while using the item.

Durability and Warranty

A good sharpener should be able to last for several years and still provide quality sharpening. Look for a knife sharpener that has at least one year of warranty coverage to ensure access to professional help should there be a need. The brand may also be considered, as the popular and well-renowned ones usually offer the best results.

The Best Knife Sharpener

With the items mentioned above, KnifeUp considers the best kitchen knife sharpener to be the Presto 08810. This knife sharpener has three stages and is able to sharpen anything from kitchen knives to yard tools.

Stage 1 is a very, very coarse stage that can give any piece of metal a blade. Stage 1 is optional and, for most knives, not needed unless you have something like machetes that needs to be sharpened. Stage 2 is an intermediate stage that smooths the knife’s edge. Most kitchen knives will only require stage 2 and stage 3 sharpening. Stage 3 is a finishing stage that will give you a great whetstone-like blade.

The benefits of having fixed angle blades versus a whetstone are that your angles are always perfect and uniform throughout the length of the blade. It also saves you a lot of time and effort since you can easily pull this electric knife sharpener out and get the job done in a few seconds. Using a whetstone takes several minutes.

The Presto 08810 is one of the top selling knife sharpeners on Amazon. It has tons of raving reviews including this one from a professional knife smith “I worked in a knife shop years ago and sharpened a lot of knives, this is close to what I could do.”

If you’re looking for a sharpener that will do more than just kitchen knives, we recommend the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.   With well over 3500 reviews and 93% giving 4 and 5 stars, you’ll understand why we’ve given it the KnifeUp nod of approval.  This handy tool will sharpen every kind of knife: hunting, kitchen, filet, outdoor, tactical, and pocket knives. It will also sharpen straight blades, curved, re-curved, tanto and pretty much any other shape of knife blade you want to throw at it. Even ceramic blades can be repaired and sharpened with optional diamond belts.  Serrated knives, scissors and yard and garden tools can be sharpened too, such as lawn mower blades, shovels, pruners, hedge shears, and just about any tool you can think of where you have access to the cutting edge.  The Work Sharp Sharpener is a bit more money than the Presto, but it can also sharpen much more than the Presto and would be worth the investment if you find yourself with dull tools around the house and garden.


When looking for the best knife sharpener, it is always a good idea to check the reviews made by past buyers and users. They should be able to provide ample information about the product and how efficiently or inefficiently it works.

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