Best Electric Knife Sharpener

best electric knife sharpener

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Are you looking for the best electric knife sharpener on Google or another search engine? If so, this article will guide you to finding the best electric knife sharpener that is within your price range. The article gets to the point by telling you all that you need to look for when seeking out a knife sharpener. It then goes into detail about the best electric knife sharpener as well as what other reviewers online have stated about the said knife sharpener. The article finally concludes with a recommendation for buyers.

What to Look for in an Electric Knife Sharpener

There are many models available for electric knife sharpeners. Prices can range from a few bucks to more than $100 and, in this case, price does not equate to better performance. One of the key features you must look for is that the electric knife sharpener must have 3 stages. Having only 2 stages or less tends to take away too much steel. Also, make sure the knife sharpener is able to sharpen your knives from heel to tip. Some knife sharpeners will only be able to sharpen all except for a quarter of an inch to the heel.

Benefits of the Presto 08810

The Presto 08810 is a 3 stage knife sharpener made by the Presto Corporation, a well-known name in the knife sharpening category. Of all the Presto products, the Presto 08810 is the best selling product. This is due to it’s below $50 price and over $100 performance. The model can only sharpen scissors as well as knives. It can handle serrated as well as plane edge knives.

Other electric knife sharpeners on the market will have only 2 stages and eat away too much metal or will not sharpen your knives, as well as this model, or, will cost more than $50. The Presto 08810 is a great entry level knife sharpener that offers professional results. It fits a standard US wall socket and can be easily stored in any drawer.

Online Ratings

Out of 185 reviewers, the average review for this product online is 4.5 stars out of 5. Customers enjoyed this product because of how quickly it sharpens knives, how it can give knives a very sharp edge even if the knife has chips in it, and how it performs like $100+ sharpeners on the market. Some customers disliked the product because it took away too much metal but they also stated that you should only use the first two stages and save stage 3 for severely dull knives.

Conclusion on the Best Electric Knife Sharpener

If you are looking to sharpen lots of knives quickly, an electric knife sharpener is a good choice for you. The best electric knife sharpener can make your life much easier by giving you knives that are razor sharp for years. The Presto 08810 is a great choice for anyone looking for a knife sharpener because it has 3 stages, is affordable, and offers high-end performance. If you are still looking for more knife sharpening solutions, read this KnifeUp article about the best knife sharpener.[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Presto 08810″ author=”Roger B. Blackburn” pubdate=”2013-11-26″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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