Kansas Knife Laws

Kansas knife law is practically non-existent. This article will discuss the current Kansas knife law, what it means in simple everyday terms, case precedence, and explanation of legal terms.

Iowa Knife Laws

Iowa has very, very relaxed policies on owning and carrying knives. However, the state made it very confusing with big legal words. This article will translate Iowa Knife Laws from legal speak into English.

Connecticut Knife Law

Knife laws in Connecticut can be a little bit tricky. This article will clear everything up for you. It presents Connecticut knife law in simple English as well as quotes from the actual code.

Custom Machete Knives and Sheaths Guide

Let’s be honest, when you buy a mass produced machete, it will not meet all your needs if you are an expert user. There is just something awkward about a mass produced machete that doesn’t fit your liking. This article will talk about how you can customize cheap $20 machetes and turn them into amazing cutting tools that are worth …

Lindsey Stone Facebook Photo

On the 21st of November, 2012, the US media exploded about Lindsey Stone (It’s Lindsey Stone and not Lindsay Stone) and her Facebook photo. The photo pictured her flicking off and yelling at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Lots of sites feature angry articles and comments about her even though Lindsey Stone did make an apology for her actions. The hurt …

How to Protect your Knife with Loctite 242

Do you have a non-fixed blade knife like a Butterfly or pocket knife? These types of knives are also called folding knives and, unlike fixed blade knives, they have moving compartments. This means that, without proper care (called thread locking), your knife can fall apart after a lot of use. Learn an easy way to protect your knife.

All the Types of Knives Ever Made

There are many types of knives around and it is easy to get lost in the details. This post will give you a good understanding of how knives are organized, how they are used, and which knife should you reach for to do a certain task. Trust me, after you’ve read this post, you will know all about how knives …

Cold Steel Kukri Machete Review

After reading a few Cold Steel Kukri Machete review articles, most people still think about a certain question: is the tool really worthy of a purchase? Indeed, many reviews simply lack detail, making it impossible for common consumers to know for sure whether the abovementioned offering would suit their needs and preferences. It is for this very reason that this …

The Best Tactical Tomahawk Axe

What is a tactical tomahawk ax? It is an axe used my soldiers in the field for breaching. It can also be used by a hobbyist to clear tree limbs, cut wood, and throwing. It is also a great survival tool for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. It really is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t want to turn into a mindless, flesh-eating …

What is the Best Parang Machete?

A parang machete is a machete from Malaysia and Indonesia. The jungles of Malaysia and Indonesia there are filled with woody vegetation and a Latin or kukri machete will simply not do well–they can’t handle wood very well. The Parang was designed specifically to handle thick woods. If you live in the woodlands, a Parang is the right type for you. However, …