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10 Cool Knives You’ve Never Seen

10 Cool Knives You’ve Never Seen

These cool knives will make you think twice about what you think a “knife” is. Made for very special purposes, these knives are nothing like any normal knife you’ve seen.

Gerber Key Note

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Gerber Key Note, Compact Fine Edge Scraping & Cutting Knife, Black [30-001691]

At 4 ounces and around 4 inches long, the Gerber Keynote was meant to be your silent and near-invisible companion.  Just throw it in your purse or pocket and forget it.  It’s a keychain, but it’s also a liner lock knife meant for everyday tasks of minor cutting and scraping.  Aluminum handle (scales) are durable and can withstand abuse, and the keyring is removable to better suit your needs.


This served as the idea for Gun Blades in Final-Fantasy XIII.
This served as the idea for Gun Blades in Final-Fantasy XIII.

There are knives that double as a gun. This is so that if your pistol does not do the job, the knife can complete it. This is a very specialized gun and provides protection from two angles. The pistol knife comes from the Renaissance period. These types of pistol knives are mostly used for decorative pieces now. (Top rated dive knives).

Stainless Steel Locking Folding My First Pocket Knife

Opinel My First No.7 Stainless Steel ChildrenÂ’s Folding Pocket Knife with Safety Rounded Tip, Painted Handles

This Opinel locking/folding knife is a blessing for moms and dads who would like to introduce their young ones to knives or whittling while minimizing the danger of accidental stabs or pokes.  This classic knife locks in both the open and closed position and features extremely high quality steel from an iconic company.  Opinel is a French company based in the heart of the French Alps and was born in 1890!

Shotgun Knife

Beretta 70-Bk Shot Shell Knife; Black

The shotgun knife is hidden in a shotgun shell. It is mostly a novelty piece. It makes a great outdoor sportsmanÂ’s knife. It is a simple design that will fool even the keenest of sportsmen. It has a 1 – 1/2” blade and can be hidden from sight until it is needed. (How to choose a balisong knife that is legal). (Learn about balisong trainers).

Shark Knife

Good for self defense.
Good for self-defense.

The shark knife is highly dangerous to use. It was inspired to look like a shark and be deadly. It is the most dangerous-looking weapon that will help you have the advantage in any hand to hand battle. For the most part it should be used as a decorative piece because it is so dangerous. (Best throwing knives for beginners).

Scorpion Knife

Master Cutlery MC-2079 Fantasy Knife Display, 14.5-inch

The scorpion knife is scarier than most knives. It can be worn as a wrist knife, like a bracelet. If you come across a person wearing this type of knife it is best to head the other way. This knife can be very dangerous.

Victorinox SwissChamp

Victorinox 1.6795.XAVT Swiss Army Swisschamp Xavt Pocket Knife

The Swiss army knife has just about anything that you want in a knife. It will operate in most functions that you will need. It is very practical. This can mean that you can get a multitude of functions done with this knife.  Truth be told, however, it’s such a monstrosity, that it may be better suited as a conversation piece on your mantle or coffee table rather than a useful tool in the field.  Still, for the man who has “everything” …..

Lipstick Knife

Ladies Self Defense Protection Bundle - Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun (Purple) Plus Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray (Black)

Good for female self defense.
Good for female self-defense.

The lipstick knife is hidden in a lipstick case and can be a womanÂ’s best friend in the event of an attack. It is compact and elegant. It features a 1 1/4” blade. It has a glossy deep blue finish on the casing. It is discrete and practical.  Unfortunately, it’s not legal in many places, so the closest we could come to something you might like to buy, is lipstick stun guns and pepper spray …. which is kinda just as cool don’t you think?

Impala Knife

As seen on Sci-Fi flicks.
As seen on Sci-Fi flicks.

The Impala knife is an art deco liner lock folding knife. It features a ladder pattern with an Impala head. It sports 14 karat gold horns in the handle that introduces the rear of the handle. It is a very graceful and flowing knife.
Custom knives can come in many forms. They can be disguised in any form. These are just a few of the unusual knives that can be found on the open market. Custom made knives can be a weapon that could save your life if you are in danger.



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